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How Can Non-U.S. Citizens Apply For A Home Loan?

How Can Non-U.S. Citizens Apply For A Home Loan?

How Can Non-U.S. Citizens Apply For A Home Loan

For foreign nationals who are living in the United States, being a homeowner is one of the major achievements they can work toward. Many foreigners, however, view owning a home as being a difficult and almost impossible task since most believe getting a home loan is hard. The National Association of Realtors stipulates a criterion that if you meet as a resident foreign buyer, makes it possible for you to get a mortgage and own your dream home.

It is no secret that if you are not a U.S. citizen, it becomes difficult for you to maneuver the mortgage application and home buying process. However, not all hope is lost as different lenders offer credit loans to non-citizens despite them not having a known credit history. Additionally, the government issues home loans to non-citizens which offers low down payment options compared to private lenders.

Residency and Home Ownership

Your residency status will largely impact your chances of getting your loan/mortgage approved. Most borrowers fall in one of the following categories:

  • Green card residents
  • Non-permanent residents that have a valid work visa
  • Foreign nationals that do not live in the U.S. primarily

If you fall in any of the first two options, your chances of getting your mortgage approved are high. Most mortgage companies have similar guidelines for work visa and green card holders as any other U.S citizen. In many instances, the only thing you would be required to do is prove your residency is legal and your home loan would be approved.

Foreign nationals on the other hand might have a hard time getting a mortgage as the bank associates such applications with higher risk and hence, are more likely to ask for a higher down payment.

FHA Loans for Non-U.S. Citizens

The Federal Housing Administration offers alternative options for non-U.S. citizens. Their down payment rates and credit score requirements are low hence many non-residents opt for this option when looking for a mortgage. For residents, you need to prove your permanent residency status before getting the loan approved. If you are a non-permanent resident, the FHA requires you to provide a legit Employment Authorization Document, Social Security number and proof that you will use the purchased home as your main residence.


Getting a mortgage becomes difficult when you do not have documentation that shows the lender you are worth the risk. Providing proof of income, employment and credit history is easy if you are a U.S. citizen since all that information can be traced from your tax returns. For non-U.S. citizens, being a member of an international bank that has branches in the U.S. means the lenders can get a record of your finances and be able to assess your eligibility for a home loan.

If you are looking to get a mortgage to purchase your dream home, contact us to get all your questions and concerns regarding the process answered. At NJLux, we strive to make the home purchasing process as smooth as possible.

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