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How To Choose The Perfect Residential Awning

How To Choose The Perfect Residential Awning

Residential Awning

Residential awnings have become extremely popular over the years, with more homeowners having them installed in their homes. They vastly improve outdoor spaces, turning them into dining and entertainment spots. If you’re looking to kick back with a cold drink on a hot afternoon or a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy chilly morning, awnings provide the perfect shade. So, if you’ve decided to transform your home by installing an awning, here are some of the things you need to look out for when choosing the perfect residential awning.


Awnings are made from two common materials. Outdoor fabric and aluminum material. Each material will however require different levels of maintenance and give a different look to your home.  Fabric awnings come in different shapes and varied colors. This allows one to customize the awning to match the overall exterior design of the home. Aluminum awnings are sturdy and require less maintenance, but don’t allow for much customization.

Side Panels

Some homeowners want the added feature of side panels. It’s an exciting feature that adds an architectural look to the awning. The side panels improve coverage from both sides, thus, allowing for more shade and protection from the elements.


The angle of the awning is something many people overlook. But it is an important factor for overall performance of the awning. An angle of 65-75% is recommended for optimal performance for windows facing east or west. For windows facing south, a reduced angle of 45-60% is recommended due to the angle of the sun.

Stationary, Retractable, or Free Standing

Retractable residential awnings are ideal for when you want control over your awnings. You can therefore retract or roll them up to allow maximum sunlight into the interior of your house during the winter. These are perfect for use in patios and decks. You roll them up when not in use if you choose to. Retractable awnings can also be automated with motors and switches, making them super easy to retract. For the advanced models, they are equipped with automatic sun and wind sensors for auto retraction.

Freestanding awnings are commonly used for terraces, patios and decks. Appropriate for separate entertainment areas like a BBQ spot.


The size of the residential awning depends on; the outdoor space available and the purpose of said awning. A small awning is usually decorative. It highlights beauty and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, a larger awning gives more coverage, providing more shade. A small one highlights the beauty, but a bigger one is more appropriate for large outdoor spaces. Remember to get all your measurements right to ensure it fits your space perfectly.


A varied range of awning styles are available to match homeowners taste and decor. Depending on the exterior of your house, choose a style that will blend with your home’s architecture. The most popular styles include the traditional with open or closed sides, double bar standard, quarter barrel, dome style, waterfall, gable walkaway and semi-circular entrance. You simply can’t go wrong when choosing the perfect awning for your home.


When choosing a color for your residential awning, the basic rule is to choose a color that compliments the outdoor appearance of your house. Bright colors reflect sunlight, block heat and give your outdoor space a beautiful look.

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