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Don’t Buy A House Until You’ve Inspected These Elements

Don’t Buy A House Until You’ve Inspected These Elements

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In life, there are things that give one a huge sense of personal accomplishment and buying a house is one of these things. Owning a home is something we all look forward to once we want to settle down. Therefore, a major real estate investment should not be taken lightly. You should crosscheck everything and ensure the house you want to buy is in the best condition to avoid having to use extra funds to repair.

A thorough home inspection is one of the best ways you can determine whether the house you have your eyes on is worth buying or not. You can do so by hiring a certified professional who will be able to give you helpful feedback that will assist you make the right decision. Before buying a house, here are some of the household issues to look out for during a home inspection are:


Moisture and dampness not only make the building foundation weak, but also offer the perfect environment for insects to breed. Any form of leakage should be handled with immediate effect to avoid serious problems that can result due to a weakened building structure.

Structural Problems

Before buying the house, ensure the building is strong enough to extreme weather conditions like hurricanes and floods. Check for cracks in the ceilings and walls, unhinged windows and doors and loose boards and wires.


Mold is one major thing that you should be on the lookout for when carrying out a home inspection. It grows in majorly around places that have moisture and in crevices and cracks in the house. Black mold is the most toxic kind and poses a great health risk if left unattended. There are ways you can use to tell if an area is too moist and be able to dry it up before mold grows such as looking out for odors and mildew stains.

Electrical Issues

When buying a house, make sure the electrical connection has been done properly and all the switches are functioning as they should. Look for effective receptacles that not only prevent potential fires but also help avoid short circuits. The cooling and heating system should be up-to-date, and the circuit breaker and electrical panels configurations should be enough to meet the requirements of the house.


Old homes in general have a lot of infestation problems- be it with pests or insects. Before buying a house, do a thorough sweep-over of the place to ensure there are no mice in the floorboards or bats crowding the attic. Termites are another nuisance that if not taken care of, can lead to serious damage.

Toxins like asbestos and lead paint can also be found on certain materials lying around in old homes. These need to be covered and eliminated before the house is occupied to avoid serious health complications later.

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