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Bought A Pre-Owned Home? Here Are Some Exterior Upgrade Ideas That Pack A Punch

Bought A Pre-Owned Home? Here Are Some Exterior Upgrade Ideas That Pack A Punch

Bought A Pre-Owned Home Here Are Some Exterior Upgrade Ideas That Pack A Punch

The exterior of a house can make a big difference to its value whether you are planning to buy or sell it. If you are looking to buy a pre-owned home in New Jersey, curb appeal will be one of the important factors that will attract you to a property. some people prefer to invest in a pre-owned house and later do exterior upgrades to match their personality and style. If you are planning to improve your pre-owned home’s exterior appeal, try some of these exterior upgrade ideas that will make a big impact.

Outdoor Lighting

Proper lighting not only makes your home stand out, but also makes all the difference to your home’s exterior. Apart from making it safer for your family members or guests arriving home after dark, lighting can also create a warm ambience to your outdoor seating area. Try adding ground lights to accent high bushes or trees, soffit lights to highlight your home’s architecture, and lights in your porch to create a glow near the front door. There is a wide array of outdoor lighting equipment you can choose from and a variety of designs to match up your overall style.

Garage Door

If you have a garage, you can paint it to blend into the substrate around. Does your garage have plain doors? If you have some extra cash to spend, invest in ones with much better design and more detail. Look for shaker details, paneled, carriage style, etc., to allow you to create architectural balance and blend into the surrounding area. Doing this will sort your garage door dilemma and make it more interesting.

Flower Garden

A few years ago, a research was carried out suggesting that adding colored flowers to the front yard added more appeal to the house. Recently, another study showed that extending flowers that are of the same color as the front door to the front of the property, makes a house look larger than it actually is. Strange but true!

Roof Shingles

Upgrading roof shingles is usually an expensive affair and this is one area you want to spend some time researching. There are so many shapes and textures to choose from. If you have a strongly colored home, try going for a darker roof. This will add a neutral feel to the building. If your house has lighter colored asphalt shingles, think of getting darker or mid-tone ones. The latter add more value to your home than the former.

Permanent Planters

Are you not into gardening that much? The good news is that you can still add a garden feel in your home without the work. You can also add a few permanent planters at your front yard. Deep colors of a planter can break up a plain house that lacks character and colors and texture can add contrast to your house.

Getting Started

Upgrading the exterior of your pre-owned home is the perfect way to add value to your property and make it more appealing to future buyers. If your intention is to buy a pre-owned home, do some upgrades and later sell it at a higher price, you may want to work closely with an experienced realtor to get good upgrade ideas that will sell. Ensure that you prioritize your project by considering factors like time, budget, seasonality and overall impact.

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