Deck Increase Property Value

Embarking on home improvement projects, from building a deck to building a second story, could be for several reasons. You may be intending to sell your home soon and want to make it more attractive to buyers, or you want to improve your home. You could also enhance your home value, even if you are not selling it soon. How does a deck add value to your home?


A deck is more likely to add value to your home, depending on the property’s geographical location. A house with a deck and is located in an area with excellent deck weather all year round is more likely to be on high demand. Such regions include Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, California, and Florida is good examples of year-round deck-weather areas. Decks in states that have long winters do not add as much value, as the decks can only be used for half of the year.


Wood decks offer a more significant ROI (Return on Investment) in comparison to composite decks. A higher ROI does not mean you are obligated to build a bridge from wood. A wood deck needs a lot of care. If you intend on living on the property for several years, you need to decide if you want to sacrifice the time for caring for the wood deck and give your home more value, or a composite deck with less care, and less ROI.

 The material you use on your deck is also largely dependent on the weather. In areas where there is year-round deck weather, you can build a wooden floor or composite deck. Wood cannot withstand snow and moisture, so if you live in an area with a lot of rain and long winters, think twice about wood decks. Composite decks cost more than wood decks, but if you want to get a good ROI, you may want to consider this option.

Timing Is Everything

If you spend a large amount of money, such as $12,000, you might get back $10. 000 on it. If you plan to sell right away, it might be a good idea to invest in a smaller deck or one that costs less. If you plan on living in the house for a while longer, then you might as well consider building the $12,000 deck. You will get to enjoy your deck, and not worry about getting an ROI on it.

Consider DIY

It is not cheap putting up a deck. If you are skilled in building, you might as well build your deck and save on labor costs. Do it yourself (DIY) will help you achieve your ROI faster, and you might even recover more than the deck cost when you sell the house. Not everyone is capable of DIY, and even those who opt on DIY have to follow strict safety codes and acquire the required permits before building a deck.

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