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Most homeowners prepare to sell their house by making various repairs before putting it on the market. Why? It’s simple. Sellers who take the time to fix their house before putting it on the market tend to make more money than those who don’t bother. Asking prices are highest for houses in good shape, so sellers can command top dollar if they repair things like holes in walls, peeling paint, and other cosmetic issues that reduce the value of their home before putting it up for sale. In this article, we’ll cover several repair projects you should make before selling your house.

Faulty Wiring

Imagine you’re selling your house, and a potential buyer tests it for electrical safety by plugging in a lamp. Unfortunately, their quick test reveals that something isn’t quite right—the socket has no power. Worse yet, if they were to plug in an appliance with even slightly more amperage, you’d have a serious problem on your hands. A common issue with older homes is faulty wiring, but it can be an issue for newer houses as well—it just takes longer to surface sometimes.

Drainage Grading 

Most drainage systems have a gradient that goes from a high point to a low point. Most of the time, you want your house to be located above the point where water would drain from it, which could include gutters, downspouts, or grates under sinks. It’s important to check them all and make sure they aren’t clogged before you put your house on sale because homebuyers will notice problems that you might not even realize are there!

Roof Problems

While it may be difficult to come up with cash for repairs, one thing you can’t afford to do is make sure your roof is in good shape. If there are any leaks or damaged shingles, call a repairman as soon as possible; otherwise, you risk losing a good chunk of your potential home sale price. Estimates vary, but most recommend spending around $3–$4 per square foot for roof repairs. One way to cut costs is by replacing only damaged shingles and leaving other areas alone until they show signs of wear and tear. How: Hire an experienced roofer and conduct a thorough inspection before signing any contracts or making any payments so that you understand exactly what work will be done and how much it will cost you.

Foundation Problems

A foundation problem is a common issue for many homes. Signs of foundation problems include cracks in your basement walls or ceilings, doors that won’t close or open properly, and uneven floors or crooked rooms. Foundation issues are often expensive to fix, but addressing them before you sell your house can add value to your property and make it more attractive to buyers. Fixing minor issues early can prevent bigger problems down the road and give you peace of mind while you sell your home.

Faulty Plumbing

Most homes will have some sort of plumbing problem, and some of these issues can be fixed fairly easily. A plumber can walk you through any repairs that might need to be made, but if you aren’t interested in hiring a professional, it is worth trying to fix these types of problems yourself. The biggest thing with repairing faulty plumbing is being thorough. If you are not careful, you could cause even more damage to your home by trying to repair something that wasn’t broken in the first place.

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