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Tropical décor is the new trend these days, with exotic textures and colors on offer. However, there’s no need to go berserk with your designs. Keeping things simple is the way to go. Nothing can be worse than a room that feels unintentionally kitschy or themed. Here are some of the valuable tips to ensure tropical décor in your property does not go overboard.

Welcome The Bold Prints

Tropical décor does not necessarily have to be tacky. The print should scream glamour, inspiring many iterations in décor, fabric and wallpaper. If you want to make a sophisticated statement, go for bold, overscale tropical leaves in graphic prints. Make sure you choose prints in realistic shades rather than a morphed one. Be mindful when you are applying it, since bold patterns look good only in small doses. Consider using such prints on an accent wall, in an entryway or a powder room.

Have The Right Accessories In Place

You don’t want your room to appear like a jungle, hence striking the right balance is important. Try to combine lush prints with a metal like brass. It will not only make your room elegant, but also tasteful. It will give your home a refined look amid the floral prints. Source for accessories such as mirrors, side tables, faucets and sconces to incorporate brass into your home.

Get Over Banana Leaf Prints

Want to achieve a taste of tropical décor, without going all in with green bold designs? The alternative that is trending right now is a grass cloth wallpaper. It used to be a thing of the past but has made a big comeback. Given its versatility, designers love to pair it with a wide array of looks from modern and rustic to tropical.

It is recommended that you place grass-cloth wallpaper in a neutral, light color room and pair it with sheer curtains for a refined look that does not go overboard. It can work in any room, but makes more sense in a hallway, bedroom or dining room. Add some colorful accents such as coral reds or blues, and your space will feel elegant, airy and bright.

Bring In Some Plants

The best way to add the greenness of tropical décor into your room is to bring in houseplants. Not only do they exemplify a design element, but also refines the air and make the rooms feel inviting and fresh. Plants with large leave bring in the jungle ambiance, while indoor plants with dark-green leaves feel graphic and sophisticated. You can choose to hang a cluster of staghorn ferns on a blank wall for a tropical representation of a gallery wall that feels elegant and stylish at the same time.

Furnish With Natural Materials

Complement the brave patterns and vibrant colors of your tropical décor with furniture made of natural materials such as teak, rattan, bamboo or wicker. In case you are not looking to alter the furniture configuration, you can include these materials in other ways such as rattan lampshades, bamboo placemats or woven baskets.

If you are planning to buy a home in New Jersey, make sure to include tropical décor in your home’s renovation plans, and make sure to get it done in the right proportions.

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