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A common myth most homeowners believe in is waiting for Spring to put a property on the market. This is because most people buy and sell a home in spring. The best time, however, to put your property on the market is in winter. Listing your property on the market in winter comes with numerous advantages, including: 

There Is Less Competition 

In Spring, property listings abound. Most people sell in this season, and most buyers buy in this season. This makes it very competitive and harder to close a deal. When you decide to sell a home in winter, there are very few other people looking to sell, and this significantly reduces the competition while increasing your chances of selling. 

There Is a High Demand 

Contrary to popular belief, there is a good market for homes in January and February. Most people ask for work transfers in these months. This makes January and February the ideal months to target corporate relocations and transfers. Listing in winter is an opportune time to get better clients and deals. 

Better Showings

In winter, homes are warmer and more inviting to people coming to view. This is the time to show your home in all its glory. You can stage your winter home viewing to showcase all of the advantages of buying your home, especially for the winter season. People are likely to buy if they feel that the house is well-prepared to handle the winter season than any other season. 

Better Marketing Opportunities 

Very few people list their properties in winter. This means that you can get better deals on marketing, open houses, ads, and posts. Winter presents the best chance to make your property completely visible to potential winter buyers. Be sure to take advantage of these marketing strategies in winter. 

You Attract Serious Buyers

Winter is a low property season. This means that anyone looking to buy a home in winter is one who is serious about closing a deal. Therefore, you are more likely to close deals in winter for your property than you are in other seasons. Once the right buyer comes to see your home, you can be sure that they will be ready to close the deal. Selling in winter ensures that your property will not sit on the shelves longer than they should.

You Spend Less on Staging

When you decide to sell a home in winter, you spend far much less on staging the house than you would in other seasons. You only focus on the interior since it is impossible to stage the yard and curb in winter. 

You can Increase the Asking Price

The end of the year comes with a lot of buyers who are willing to spend money on a property. Most corporate workers have bonuses and annual payouts they are looking to invest. Therefore, you can list your property for higher rates and still get a buyer. The reduced competition also improves your house appeal, which makes it a better target for most people looking to buy.

Selling your home in winter can be the best financial decision you make in the coming year. 

Joshua M. Baris Bergen County Realtor

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