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2020 Outdoor Kitchen Trends

2020 Outdoor Kitchen Trends

outdoor kitchen trends

Outdoor kitchens are fast gaining traction. Every year, designs in this niche get more sophisticated and more suited to use all year round. If you are considering renovating your backyard’s cooking space or designing one from scracth, here are a few 2020 outdoor kitchen trends to keep in mind.

Outdoor Ice Maker 

If you intend to use your outdoor kitchen for entertaining guests, you need an ice maker. On hot days, your guests will be continually refilling their drinks. It is more convenient to have an icemaker outside rather than having guests walking in and out of the house. 

An icemaker is more effective and convenient than an ice bucket, which doesnโ€™t keep ice frozen for very long, especially during hot summer days. An icemaker also means fewer coolers taking up your backyard space. 

Kamado Style Grills

An outdoor kitchen cannot do without a grill, and neither can modern kitchens. The style and type of grills have advanced and moved away from the monopoly of traditional round-topped charcoal grills. Kamado-style grills are made of ceramic, and they are becoming part of wildly popular outdoor kitchen trends. 

The Kamado style grills cook using very high temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, with air-ventilation being the primary control. These grills are famous for being versatile. You can use it as a pizza oven by closing the grill, or you can use low heat to smoke meat over an extended period. You can also use the grill as a charcoal cooking surface by leaving it open, which infuses your meal with a woody flavor.

Beautiful and Creative Storage Options

As outdoor kitchen trends become more sophisticated, it means acquiring more kitchen gadgets, leading to the increased need for storage space. Outdoor kitchen cabinets are becoming very popular to create more storage space. If you have large items that need storage, such as seat covers or cushions, decorative cabinets that are wide open are more attractive than using plastic storage tubs stacked around your outdoor space. Other than being beautiful, proper storage allows you to make better use of your outdoor space.

Multiple Cooker Styles in One Space

Cooking in a variety of ways will allow you to get the most out of your backyard cooking area. Upcoming outdoor kitchen trends involve owning multiple cookers in one’s outdoor kitchen design. Rather than limit your cooking to charcoal, a pizza oven, or gas, you have the freedom to install various cooking appliances to ensure that you can cook anything throughout the year. Small changes, such as having a side burner that boils water, make your cooking space more versatile, and you can cook different dishes at the same time.

Advanced Heating Options

Once your kitchen design pleases you, you can use the space for most parts of the year. For that to happen, consider installing different heating systems. Regardless of installing a natural wood fireplace or infrared heaters, you can make your outdoor kitchen usable for at least ten months instead of six. If you love entertaining and organizing cookouts, a comfortable outdoor space means you can still entertain guests even during bad weather.

If your home is equipped with the latest outdoor kitchen appliances, you will fetch a great deal more if you were to sell the property or convert it to a rental unit. If you are looking for a property to rent or buy, an experienced realtor would be a better position to advise you. Feel free to contact us at NJLux today.

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