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Best Renovations to Consider For Your New Jersey Home

Best Renovations to Consider For Your New Jersey Home


Your home needs to be a beautiful, functional, yet comfortable living space. When you decide to roll out any enhancement to your property, the chosen options need to improve one of the following factors: 

Kitchen Islands

In any modern kitchen, regardless of size, a counter-top provides a valuable space for homeowners. Custom-built kitchen islands are great options when it comes to expanding counter space for food preparation, and it also gives you extra kitchen storage space. The kitchen islands come in handy as dining areas for the entire family, or as homework space for the kids. A professional can surely help you design a kitchen island that blends well with your existing kitchen design.

Custom Bookcases and Shelves

One of the most frequently bought home furniture items are custom bookcases and shelves. It is always easy to run out of space, and organizing the room becomes difficult. That’s why having extra storage space is always welcome. The additional storage space needs to be attractive and blend in well with existing furnishings. A renovations expert can work with you to create custom bookcases and shelves, and install them without hassle. These solutions are permanent and will be both attractive and functional additions to your home.

Home Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers are becoming more popular as homeowners acquire more entertainment options. Entertainment centers take up a lot of space and might not complement the existing home’s design. A custom built-in home entertainment center can be both an attractive and functional addition to your home. The entertainment centers give you additional space to store your TV, game consoles and various multi-media devices and help to keep the area neat and give you easy access to your devices.

Home Office

The job market has evolved, and more people than ever are working from home. More companies are also hiring remote employees, giving them the option of working from home. A home office adds value to one’s property and allows for work to remain uninterrupted. Ensure that there is ample space and work with a professional who will install grounded outlets, data ports and an extra phone line if needed.

Deck Addition

Adding a deck not only adds monetary value to your home but aesthetic value as well. Get a professional who will advise you accordingly and renovate the deck according to your budget. Since there are many types of decks and materials to choose from, there are many combinations that look great and offer exceptional functionality. 

Bathroom Remodeling 

Bathrooms are an integral part of any home, and it is a massive inconvenience if the bathrooms are outdated or are lacking needed features. If you intend to sell your home in the future, this may be a deterrent to potential clients. Renovating bathroom fixtures and amenities or adding an extra bathroom can increase its functionality.

Foyer and Staircase

The foyer and the staircase are the first things that visitors see when they come into your home. If you cannot change the whole area, change the items that make the most significant impact. Improve the staircase, or change the entry flooring. Paint the risers, replace newels and railings, or sand and restrain treads. Before renovating, check the building codes on spindle spacing and railing height.

You can do hundreds of renovations to improve your home, but the best strategy is to have them done by a professional. If you are buying a home, be sure to engage an experienced realtor who will advise you on whether the home you intend to rent can be renovated or it will cost you too much money. If you want to find out more on which house you can restore, feel free to contact us at NJLux today.

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