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Tips For Moving to Your New Home In Upper Saddle River, NJ

Tips For Moving to Your New Home In Upper Saddle River, NJ

new home in Upper Saddle River, NJ

There is a lot to consider when moving into a new home. Here are tips for moving to your new home in Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Do A Complete Walkthrough

There’s a good time to do a complete walkthrough of your new home than when it is empty. So, before you shift anything in, take a look at and perform the last check on these items:

  • Ensure that the old owner made all demanded and confirmed repairs
  • All that was to be put in the sale was placed in the house
  • Everything is in working order, like, switches, outlets, doors, fixtures, and windows
  • The seller has left all warranties and maintenance manuals
  • The house is free of dirt, mold, debris, and pests
  • The lawn remains in a good condition
  • All your furnishing can fit in the home

If you discover a problem that goes against the sale contract (for instance, the old owner took the dryer and washer along with them when they were meant to leave them behind), contact your realtor immediately to see what your recourse is. As for issues you find that were found in your contract, they’re your liability now.

In Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

  • Mount grip bars in bathrooms on all the internal and external sides of your shower or bathtub.
  • Put non-skid strips, carpets, or strips upon any surface that can get wet from spills.

In Your Bedroom

  • Place evening lights or light switches near your bedstands.

Child/Pet Proof (If Necessary)

When you’re shifting into a new home with an infant or small children (or just furry four-legged kids), a quick step is doing some starting childproofing to keep everyone well until you can put your full setup into position. Childproofing your home right away covers (and some of it is relevant to pets):

  • Putting up a separate, kid- or pet-free zone for discarded packing materials
  • Gating off no-go areas that haven’t been cleared
  • Covering all outlets
  • Examine all windows to make sure they’re shut close and don’t have any long hanging cords coming off of the blinds
  • Spacing out boxes instead of stacking them up
  • Stashing breakables, piercing objects, and alcohol on high shelves in the kitchen before you find their final resting places
  • Tamper-proofing the buttons on your stove with button protectors
  • Fixing your oven door lock
  • Putting cabinet locks on any lower cabinets that are getting utilized for lethal items, such as cleaning supplies
  • Shifting tiny appliances with electrical cords out of reach to the back of the counter to the wall or keeping them away in high cabinets
  • Installing doorknob and cabinet locks in the bathroom

Figure Out What’s Going Where

You’ll save yourself plenty of time and problems when shifting into a new house if you make a plan for setting everything up. This is mainly for heavy and oversized items like furniture. When you may have a good idea of what goes in the room, give yourself a moment to think about how you want the setup to look.

Make Sure That Your Utilities Are Set Up

Hence you took care of arranging for your utilities to be shifted or set up before shifting into your new home, in which case now is the time to ensure that all is set up and working correctly. On shifting day, check that your gas, electricity, water, heating or cooling, telephone, and internet are set up. Then contact your local waste management facility to ensure your new home is ready for garbage pickup.

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