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The Importance Of An HVAC System Inspection When Buying A Home

The Importance Of An HVAC System Inspection When Buying A Home

HVAC System Inspection

The excitement of being oh so close to moving into your dream home can cloud your judgment, turning your journey as a new homeowner into an unexpectedly stressful and taxing process. Hence, it’s highly important to arrange for not just a single home inspection, but also an HVAC system inspection. You’ll thank yourself for preventing problems such as being saddled with maintenance and upgrade costs, and putting a damper on your honeymoon period with your new home!

What is an HVAC System Inspection?

An HVAC system inspection is essentially a detailed, specialized evaluation of a home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. Before closing a deal to purchase a home, you can consult a certified HVAC technician to conduct an HVAC system inspection. The technician inspects the house’s HVAC system, determining factors like:

  • Age
  • Cleanliness
  • Function
  • Condition
  • Safety Mechanisms

Technicians not only check devices such as the thermostat and electrical connections, they even adjust parts through actions such as changing air filters.

Average Home Inspection Compared to HVAC System Inspection

Being a presumptuous buyer can be one of the biggest mistakes you make when shopping for a new house. A common mistake we make, especially as first-time homebuyers, is assuming that a typical home inspection is sufficient to evaluate a house’s HVAC system. However, home inspectors aren’t usually experts on HVAC systems, so most of their inspections on that front are surface-level, such as turning on the air conditioner to ensure it’s functional. Hence, a regular home inspection unaccompanied by an HVAC system inspection can easily allow serious heating and cooling issues to slip through the cracks.

Your HVAC System is a Significant Expense

Your HVAC system is usually the biggest contributor to our utility bills, which is why it’s highly important to have an HVAC safety inspection, ensuring your heating and cooling systems are in good shape. Thus, you don’t have to spend more than necessary due to energy efficiency issues, inflating your energy spending. Furthermore, heating and air conditioning appliances are usually the most expensive ones you’ll have in your home, meaning they’re costly and difficult to replace. hence, a proper HVAC system inspection can help you to understand the heating and cooling expenses you’ll need to prepare for.

Gives You a Clearer Picture of Your Future Home

Understanding the ins and outs of your future home always helps to contribute toward a more informed decision! For a reasonable amount of time and money, an HVAC system inspection gives you a much clearer idea of what to expect if you purchase the house being inspected. The technician’s report is comprehensive enough for you to avoid the surprise costs of a faulty HVAC system, while also giving you suggestions and recommendations for repairs and upgrades. Furthermore, you can also receive insight on energy efficiency to make your house more sustainable.

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