Spruce Up Your Yard

If you want to list your property, it has to be immaculate. You only get one chance at creating a great first impression. Oftentimes, when preparing a property for listing, homeowners neglect the yard. It is important to remember that the yard is part of the property and a strong selling point.

The best time to start preparing the yard is ideally a month before you list the property. This is enough time to make sure the yard looks neat and presentable before the house is ready for listing. Follow these tips to spruce up your yard:

Make Sure You Clean Up the Mulch

A simple clean-up of mulch on your flowerbed can give your yard an amazing transformation. A fresh mulch application will spruce up your garden bed in no time. The mulch is also affordable and applying it is super easy.

Neglected flowerbeds portray the homeowner in a negative light. Any potential buyer would be delighted to view a listed property whose yard looks stylish with well-groomed flowerbeds.

Prune Overgrown Trees and Hedges

Regardless of which season you put up your property for listing, it is important to prune overgrown trees and hedges. Fallen branches littered all over the yard look unsightly and also tell of neglect. It would be very difficult to convince a potential buyer that the house is in good condition while the yard looks a mess. Spruce up your yard by pruning deciduous trees and hedges.

Tend To Your Flower Beds

Some plants, being perennial and annual, need to be tended to before the listing. If you need to uproot some, then go right ahead. To replace the uprooted plants, a brightly colored pot will give the flower bed a well-deserved burst of color.

As you tend to the garden, get some of your favorite plants for your new home. If you plan to uproot any dead plants, make sure you replace the plants with healthy ones.

Get Outdoor Containers

You can place container plants at strategic places. This includes areas such as patios, doorways, and decks. Use tropical plants to spruce up your yard by adding an extra zing and give it a livelier feel. Potential property buyers want to feel that they are moving into a well-loved property. Adding life and cheer is just one of the little things you can do before you list the home.

Light Up the Walkways

It is common for buyers to visit listed properties in the evening. Make sure you light the yard properly to allow proper movement to the front door and to the back yard. There is no need to spend more money on extra lights, especially if you are on a tight budget. You can fix bulbs at strategic points or place lanterns along the walkways.

Clean Up Your Water Features

A water feature such as a miniature waterfall, pond or fountain gives a property an amazing feeling of tranquillity. If you intend to list the property, you have to spruce your yard by cleaning the water feature. Get rid of all algae or dead leaves in the water. Ensure you wash any filters to make sure the water stays crystal clear as well.

Sort Out Irrigation System Issues

A malfunctioning irrigation system can cause you a lot of grief in the form of inflated water bills. No buyer wants the burden of high water bills or repair costs. This is actually a huge turn-off for most buyers. To make sure you do not reduce the chances of selling your property, take care of all these issues before listing the property.

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