Ceiling Appear Taller

Individuals who are interested in buying a house will most likely consider the property’s square footage. The bigger the house space the higher its value. Many buyers interested in purchasing homes especially in New Jersey, like large open spaces in order to have more decorative leverage. As a property seller, there are many ways you can use to make your house appear larger and more appealing to potential buyers, including making your ceiling appear taller. Below is a quick look at some of the ways you can use:

Stretch Out Cabinets to The Ceiling

Extending the length of your cabinets to give them an exaggerated height will automatically make your dropped ceiling to look and feel taller. A longer cabinet will give your space an illusion of a taller, more spacious look.

Add Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in bringing out the beauty in any room. Up-lighting is one of the best methods to make your ceiling appear taller. For low ceiling spaces, it is recommended that you use wall lights or sconces that direct the eye upward giving your space a taller feel.  Avoid using pendant lights which can make a room feel smaller by bringing focus downwards.

Use High-Gloss Paint

Another simple technique to make your ceiling taller involves getting rid of track lights and painting the ceiling in a glossy-white color. As much as it is rarely used on ceilings and walls, glossy paint is very effective in giving rooms an illusion of exaggerated height as it bounces light around. A mirror-type kind of glossy finish on your ceiling gives your space a never-ending feel while reflecting the whole room.

It is important to note that glossy paint must only be applied to a perfectly shaped surface to avoid highlighting hidden imperfections. In the case of an imperfectly sized surface, it is advisable to use a matte finish on your ceiling. The matte finish tends to hide flaws and makes the ceiling ‘disappear’ in a sense all while directing focus back to the room.

Skip Ceiling Moldings

A thick ceiling molding takes up wall space, making the walls to look even shorter than normal. You can choose to skip the molding, replace the thick molding with a thin one or alternatively install tall baseboards that will consume less space and make your ceiling look much taller.

Use Horizontal Furniture

Using low-sitting, horizontal furniture makes ceilings look taller and gives the room a larger feel. A horizontal design acts as a distraction to the eye and shifts focus from the low ceiling to the vastness of the wall and the space between shelves also creates an illusion of a higher ceiling. Simple ways of utilizing horizontal planes include installing horizontally-built ceiling bookshelves or simply replacing your huge couch with a long low-sitting coffee table.

Realtors Are Here To Help

Consulting with a professional realtor before making any changes to your home is highly advisable. A realtor can tell you which methods are best suited to make your home more appealing to potential buyers. If you want learn more about how to make your ceiling taller, feel free to contact us today.

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