painting your house

Selling your house can happen for many reasons. For example, you may be upgrading to a bigger house or downgrading to a smaller one. Downgrading does not necessarily have to be because of tough financial situations. Sometimes it could be because one’s children have all left home and parents need a smaller home.

Sometimes you may have no option but to sell your home. The house must look attractive enough to give you a decent return on investment. If you had redecorated and done renovations, they need to be reflected in the final selling price. According to realtors, a good coat of paint boosts a house’s worth up by 10%. Painting your house, in this case, is definitely worth it!

Wash The Exterior

The first step is to pressure wash the exterior of the house using biodegradable soap and some warm water. If over the years you had taken good care of your house, then washing the exterior may be all you need to do. If the exterior is not in a very pleasant condition, the wash is a necessity in preparation for priming and eventually painting your house.

You need to first pressure wash the fences and decks to give them a better appearance. Wash the windows and if possible install vinyl shutters to brighten the windows. Clean windows give an illusion of a properly maintained house.

Go for Neutral Colors

When it comes down to painting your house, it is important to remember you are painting the house for sale. It has nothing to do with what colors you like, but what potential buyers are likely to find pleasing. The best colors to go for are neutral colors that blend well with surrounding homes. Neutral colors also allow the buyers to visualize what colors they would like to paint the house if they do buy it.

Repaint The House

After washing the exterior of the house, damages on the surface are easier to spot. Replace damaged trim, ugly fixtures, and rotting wood. Use putty or primer to smooth out any cracks. A good quality primer gives you a smoother paint finish. It also saves you money and time on additional coats of paint.

Hire professional painters to paint the damaged or stained areas or do the interior painting yourself. Another alternative is to get a painter for the more difficult areas like ceilings and the exterior. Some areas such as window sills and the front door get more weathered than most. They get cracked or blistered from sunlight and moisture and if you won’t paint the whole house, touch up these areas instead.

Hiring professionals for painting your house will save you a lot of time and trouble. They have all the equipment and experience needed to do a stellar job. If you decide to paint it yourself, pay special attention to the house’s interior and minor details, such as trims and doors. Use masking tape and drop sheets while painting to avoid getting paint on areas you do not want to mess up.

Buyers pay a lot of attention to detail. If they are not up to par, your house’s ROI will be reduced. If the trims and doors look neglected, buyers are likely to wonder what else is neglected.

Once you decide to list your home, try to give yourself time in between to do all these repairs. There is nothing worse than selling your home below what it is worth. A few repairs and painting your house will transform it overnight.

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