Price Your Home

Preparing your home before it goes on the market isn’t all about sprucing the place up. Rather, you can leverage strategic pricing methods that don’t involve any physical or financial burden on your part so that it can attract the highest offers. Here’s how to price your home like a savvy seller for a stress-free, quick deal!

Price Your Home Competitively

Being overly emotional in your pricing decision can prevent you from selling your home for a reasonable, competitive price. Some sellers price their homes too low, leaving money on the table. On the other hand, sellers who experience price-phobia over the thought of underpricing can tend to overprice, driving away potential buyers. Rather than pricing based on parameters such as the amount of your mortgage or the amount you’re buying your new home for, refer to listings of other comparable homes. You or your real estate agent can compare recently sold listings of similar homes for a better idea of what a reasonable price that will attract offers is like for your home.

Taking Advantage of Value Range Marketing

A pricing technique that can attract more offers is using value range marketing. After choosing a listing price based on what you would immediately sell for, choose a price point that you wouldn’t reject if offered, but would negotiate off of. Using both of these as the lower and higher ends of your price range, you give both potential buyers and yourself good space for flexibility and negotiation. For example, rather than listing your home at a single price of $396,000, you can list it as $359,000-$396,000.

Sweeten the Deal

In most cases, yours is not the only home that a buyer is interested in. While you may not want to upgrade your home excessively since it may not be a worthwhile investment in the long run for you, you can still sweeten the deal for buyers by providing certain perks. Offering perks such as prepaids for a year (internet services, homeowners association dues) can significantly incentivize a buyer to choose your home over the others within the same price range. By motivating potential buyers to make you offers through such benefits, you’ll have more offers to choose between and a higher chance of receiving favorable ones.

Consult a Professional Listing Agent

Most pricing strategies are even more effective when executed by an experienced real estate agent, especially one that understands your local market. Your ideal listing agent knows your area and the ins and outs of making a home sale in your community. While enlisting the help of an agent can’t magically increase your home’s value, it can ensure you receive the most value out of your home thanks to professional guidance and facilitation. If you’re looking to sell a house in New Jersey, look no further than NJLux Real Estate! Our unique approach of utilizing marketing techniques and cutting-edge technologies promises you a great home sale experience. To learn more, contact me through one of the various open lines of communication that I offer.

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