market your home to millennials

Millennials also go by the name Net or Y Generation, and are a critical part of the real estate equation. Today, they make the largest percentage of homebuyers. If you have intentions of selling your home, you must consider these millennials. Everything about the millennials’ purchasing habits are uniquely different from any generation before them. To market your home to millennials and capture their attention, you have to:

Build A Solid Digital Presence

Millennials are an internet generation and rely heavily on the internet, which is normal in this era of online shopping. The Millennials spend a lot of time on the internet, and if you want to effectively market your home, build a solid digital presence.

Ensure finding your home online on the most sought after home-buyers networks. Upload great looking photos, regardless of the size of gadget, considering most Millennials use their smartphones to search for homes.

Take Professional Listing Photos

The Net Generation is always online and they use the internet to search for their dream homes. Use a professional photographer to capture the essence of your home. Well taken photos may well be the reason your house sells within a short time. Professional listing photos are a small price to pay, for selling your home within a few hours or days from your date of listing.

If you have a camera and are a good photographer, then save that money and take some great shots of the home yourself.

Demonstrate How Buying Your Home Will Elevate Their Lifestyle

Millennials are constantly on the lookout for homes that elevate their lifestyle to a certain level and provide convenience in terms of location. As you go digital and start marketing your home online, ensure you put an emphasis on the house’s feature and location.

Make the house enticing, tell them how the home will make their lives better. Ensure your listing description touches on your homes best and unique parts and the surrounding compound. Let the buyers know what they are buying and why they should buy it.

Know What The Millennials Are Looking For

Due diligence will tell you that millennials are looking for affordability with functionality. They need homes they can afford, yet are smart and eco-friendly. If you have gone green and your home has eco–friendly features. You need to especially pit an emphasis on the green features.

If you have made any smart additions to such as a thermostat or any other Smart gadgets, make sure you add them in the listing description and social media handles.

Hire a Professional To Market On Your Behalf

Market your home to Millennials by hiring a professional real estate agent who knows exactly how to deal with these unique clients. A professional agent knows how to market the coming generation of real estate clients.

If you are looking for a real estate agent who will effectively market your home to millennials, contact NJLux and we shall sell your home in no time. Give us a call on (201) 771-1969 or drop us an email on

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