Let’s face it, the population of New Jersey is not anywhere near its full potential. There is room for growth in several respects: residential features, the job market, the infrastructure of the state, and sheer number of people to be bothered by any shortcomings. Instead of focusing on the problems, that most regions have to some extent, let’s take a look at what is right within New Jersey. In particular, the impact of the movie industry upon residents. The world is a stage, and sources of inspiration abound within New Jersey.

Fantastic Films That Use New Jersey as a Backdrop

The filming of many great movies occurred in New Jersey. The list includes Catch Me If You Can, Dogma, and Men in Black. The variety demonstrates that New Jersey provides inspiration that stretches across genres. What aspects of New Jersey are present within these films?

A Closer Look at Catch Me If You Can



DiCaprio’s character in Catch Me If You Can is linked to several New Jersey stereotypes. He is a bad boy with confidence and a flare for the dramatic. Despite his crime spree, DiCaprio plays a man you can’t help but love. Catch Me If You Can is truly a great film and New Jersey provided the perfect stage. If New Jersey is your home, this is one film to be bragged about. Several scenes were filmed in Orange, New Jersey.

The Similarities Between Dogma and Men in Black



Despite very obvious differences between Dogma and Men in Black, there is one trait that ties these two films together:they are quintessential comedies. Would this still prove true if filming did not occur in New Jersey? It is difficult to say, but location does play a key role.

How Does the Filming Process Affect Real Estate?

As mentioned above, it’s about location, location, location. Filming brings a certain je ne sais quoi to a neighborhood. It gives residents an interesting tidbit to mention in conversation. And sometimes it promotes curiosity from perspective buyers. What kind of experiences will we have? This is a question that may become more common. Realtors can play off this additional curiosity. The perfect time to provide information about amenities within the community would be directly after mentioning specific films that were created within a neighborhood.

Is the Additional Quirk Enough?

Obviously, choosing a home should not solely be based upon whether or not great films were created within a neighborhood. Yet it does help. Residents are proud to have noteworthy things happen within a community, and such satisfaction is noticeable within quality of living. It does have a wider impact within an area. A happy community is one worth living within.

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