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5 Places to Visit in New Jersey

5 Places to Visit in New Jersey

5 Places to Visit in New Jersey

There are attractions within New Jersey to which tourists tend to flock. These “curiosities” provide entertainment in several forms. Some are designed for family fun, others for relaxation, and still others for risk-taking opportunities. What could be better than having such experiences available in your own backyard? This is the hometown advantage.
Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags

This particular Six Flags amusement park is popular with New York City residents. It is family fun that is not located hours away. Everybody needs an amusement park thrill once in a while! So why do New Jersey residents have the advantage? There are off-peak times of the season in which there will be fewer lines. New Jersey residents, living closest to the park, can easily discover the best times to go.

Meadowlands Sports Complex

Who can forget the stadium in which both the New York Giants and New York Jets play, located in Bergen County in Rutherford, NJ? There goes New York City appropriating part of New Jersey again…New Jersey really should get more credit for the teams that play here! In any case, the money raised by functions at this complex does go into the New Jersey economy. When more seats are sold, the economy boost improves real estate opportunities in turn.

Long Beach Island
Tourists often search out beach paradises. LBI provides for this wish: it is a place designed for relaxation. How do residents of New Jersey benefit from this tourist attraction? There is no road trip hassle to reach this place of serenity. Residents can take advantage of early hours before crowds arrive.


Like LBI, Wildwood offers the relaxing beach setting. Those looking for more than serenity will also find something to their liking. What do locals get out of it? Residents of New Jersey can enjoy the experience without worrying about accommodations: it is easy for them to go on home at the end of a fun-filled day. Locals will also experience the economic benefits of playing host to tourist attractions. The money that is made stays within the state and can be used to improve upon other aspects of life within New Jersey, including the real estate market.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City may provide the largest benefit to New Jersey as a whole. It draws risk-takers from the surrounding states. Gambling provides economic relief. Due to the incoming cash flow from the casinos, the state can use the state budget to make infrastructure improvements that may not have been otherwise possible. These refinements may attract perspective home-buyers.

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