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What Is It Like Living As New Jerseyans?

What Is It Like Living As New Jerseyans?

New Jerseyans

New Jersey is a compact but diverse state. North Jersey exemplifies all of the stereotypes you may associate with the East Coast – a fast pace of living, energetic and dynamic communities, and proximity to the world’s most exciting city, New York. Head down to South Jersey, however, and things get a little more relaxed. With smaller towns and wide-open spaces, the area feels more like Philadelphia than New York. No matter which part of New Jersey you choose to settle down in, life as New Jerseyans is never dull. Here’s what you can expect when you choose to make the Garden State your home.

There’s Always Something Going On

Your year in New Jersey will be studded with activities, be they small-town festivals or big city events. Some unmissable annual events include the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, the Riverfest Food and Music Festival and the Wildwoods International Kite Festival. With the spread of New Jersey being so diverse, there’s something for everyone, so take a look at the calendar and get excited.

Local Flavor

New Jersey’s varied and unique cuisines are a result of attracting generations of immigrants to its shores. Think of New Jersey and you’ll probably think of a strong Italian influence, and that can be seen in the state’s food offerings. You can find pizza at almost every corner you turn, especially in North Jersey. Other popular foods include bagels, submarine sandwiches, and something called the pork-based scrapple. We’ve also got some recommendations for the best Mexican food in New Jersey – we may not be Texas or California, but we think we put up a pretty good fight!

Nightlife, Nightlife!

You’re probably thinking of Atlantic City – hailed as the “Vegas of the East Coast” – but New Jersey also has much more to offer. Places like Newport and the Historic Downtown offer a dynamic mix of New York and Jersey and are studded with bars, restaurants and all other sorts of nightlife.


New Jersey’s diversity spreads to its weather! It’s a state that gets a little bit of everything. Hot, humid summers give ways to perfect, picturesque falls, while winter brings plenty of snow. Spring brings soft rains that send the countryside into gorgeous bloom. All in all, each season is distinct yet pretty mild compared to the rest of the country, so you can experience the beauty of a temperate climate without getting too uncomfortable.


You’ll probably have heard that New Jersey has a challenging commute, and unfortunately that’s pretty true. Like many other energetic locations in the U.S., traffic can get a bit tight depending on the time of day and season. However, the public transport in New Jersey helps mitigate these issues, and depending on which part of the state you call home, the traffic might not be too bad. Everything considered, given the amenities and culture that New Jersey has to offer, it’s no surprise that it’s the best state to live in the U.S., so come on down and see why for yourself!

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