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When it is time to sell your home, you have to ensure you show your property in the best light possible. If not, you may find any potential home buyers will walk away. So, what are the biggest pitfalls to avoid? Let’s take a look:

Cigarette Smoke

This is the number one pitfall to avoid. If people are non-smokers, then they can smell cigarette smoke a mile away. Not only does it linger in the air, regardless of how much air freshener you spray at it, it also clings to clothes and furnishings. It can also coat your décor with nicotine stains and make everything a stale, yellow color. This is a definite turn-off for many potential home buyers who are unable to see past what is front of their eyes.

House Clutter

Try will, no doubt, have heard the many virtues of de-cluttering, and at no time is it more important than when you are trying to sell your house. People like to be able to walk into rooms and imagine their own belongings there. It is a personal time, so if you have all your favorite ornaments in abundance everywhere, or just too many items because you have outgrown your home, then this can impact on your ability to sell the house. If you are not ready to throw items away just yet, or you need everything you have either because of sentimental value or just because you love them, then you can de-clutter by putting items into the garage if you have one. If you don’t have a garage, then maybe you can store them in an attic or a basement. You can pay to store them for a short time, or if all else fails you can ask a friend to house them for you for a short time. Tis will pay dividends.

Outdated Kitchens And Bathrooms

Replacing your bathroom or kitchen can be very costly, but if yours are very old then it might be something you could consider. Home buyers try to save as much money as they can as it has become increasingly difficult to get onto the property ladder. Therefore, if it is a first home particularly, they will not have extra money to replace any outdated essentials, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, replacing just the doors or cabinets of your kitchen and adding a lick of fresh paint to it can make a huge difference if you cannot afford to replace the whole kitchen. If you have a little money to spend, then you would be wise spending it on the bathroom as it is cheaper to replace than a kitchen.

Don’t Be Too Bold In Decorating

Everyone has their own taste in decoration, but neutral colors appeal to home buyers more than bold and outrageous colors or wallpaper. If you are flamboyant you may want to tone down at least a couple of your rooms to invite potential home buyers to feel able to put their own stamp on the home.

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