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Purchasing a home in one of the biggest investments that most people make in their lifetimes. What this means is that one must be really careful to ensure that the property they want to buy is in the best shape possible. Buying a house without a walkthrough is a terrible mistake. Here are some of the things to look out for when taking a pre-purchase walkthrough in a property that you are interested in.

Problems with the Foundation

While this may not be directly visible, there are many clues that can give you an idea of the state of the foundation. One of those clues include a sloping floor with areas that have bumps or craters. Another way to check is to look at how the doors move. If a door swings freely without any input or gets stuck on the floor, it would indicate that there is something wrong with the floor and therefore a high chance that the foundation has a problem as well. Other signs of foundation problems include cracks on top of window frames and kitchen cabinets that are separated from the walls. Foundation problems get worse over the years and can lead to very expensive repairs.

Bad Repair Work

People often fail to use professionals to do major or minor repairs for a variety of reasons. This can lead to very expensive problems down the line as these problems resurface again. It might not be easy to spot shoddy repair work but if you are working with an experienced real estate agent or home inspector, they will spot them immediately. Even if the repair work is on a minor problem such as faulty faucet, it might be worthwhile to check if the same DIY approach has not been used on other major repairs in the house.

Hidden Faults

Some home sellers prefer concealing faults rather than fixing them. These faults could range from water damage to major electrical faults. Being able to spot this during the walkthrough could save you thousands of dollars in repair bills. When making the inspection, look for areas that have been freshly painted. If the area that is painted is on a single spot or area, it is highly probable that the home seller is trying to hide something on that spot. Home sellers also use other tricks such as scents and air fresheners to hide the smell of molds and mildew. If the scents seem unusually strong, it might warrant a closer look into the room or house. 

Faulty Roof

Some of the telltale signs of a bad roof include one that is buckling, leaning chimney, missing shingles, and sagging gutters. If the ceiling is stained, it is likely that the roof is leaking. Roofs are expensive to fix and any sign of problems up there should make you rethink whether you want to purchase that particular house or not. You should, at a minimum, get a home inspector to take a good look at the roof and assess the extent of the problem. This way, you know if it is a minor problem that can be easily fixed or something that will end up costing you thousands of dollars.

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