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Lawn Care Best Practices For Your New Jersey Home

Lawn Care Best Practices For Your New Jersey Home

Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy green lawn is a commitment that takes time and effort. Such good lawn care practices will ensure you have a beautiful home. Not only does it take dedication but also requires a certain amount of plant knowledge, skills, and landscape experience to execute the proper lawn care. Proper maintenance would also require getting the right equipment and products for your lawn. For that reason, most homeowners would seek professional help instead. 

Here is a list of lawn care practices that you can implement right away for your home.

Cleaning Up Your Yard

Especially during the fall, you will find dead leaves, shrubs, trees, and grass being blown all over your property. By cleaning up your yard, it will encourage new lawn growth on your compound. 

Here is how you can clean your yard:

  • Remove all debris like fallen tree limbs, trash, dead branches, rocks, and pinecones.
  • Rake up all twigs and dead leaves
  • Walk around and inspect all plants, trees, and shrubs to ensure no pests or insects are inhabiting your lawn.

Regular Maintenance

It is vital to enforce regular care and maintenance for your lawn to ensure it is healthy throughout the year. If you are unsure of how to maintain your lawn, it is recommended to seek expert help from reputable landscaping companies to provide you with quality lawn care services

Typical lawn care services would include: 

  • Lawn mowing
  • Weekly weeding
  • Border edging
  • Removal of all dead growth and debris
  • Fall yard and Spring yard cleanup to prepare for next season
  • Hardscaped surface cleaning

Proper Watering Techniques

Water is essential to keeping your lawn alive and healthy. With proper watering techniques, you can save time and money. Too much or too little water can harm your lawn, however, with deep infrequent watering, it will establish a perfect environment for healthy lawn growth. One inch of water is all it needs from either a sprinkler system or rainfall every week.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Most homeowners would think that watering their lawn is enough but that is not the case. By fertilizing your lawn, you will encourage a lush and green backyard all year round. Each type of lawn would require a different amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus for optimal growth. It will improve the vitality in the plants that you are growing and stimulate buds and flowers to be developed as well. Fertilizing your yard regularly will encourage plants and root growth which affects your lawnโ€™s appearance and reflect your lawnโ€™s health.

Controlling the Growth of Weeds

Grassy and broadleaf weeds are a nuisance and can quickly take over your lawn before you even realize it. They thrive under the same conditions as regular grass and you would sometimes end up growing these grassy weeds as well. These weeds are common to New Jersey however, you can prevent such growth from happening by including pre-emergent herbicide in your lawn care. 

Whether you are looking to invest in lawn mowing equipment, products, or seeking professional landscape experts, providing regular lawn care is important for a healthy lush green lawn.

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