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From museums that showcase history and music to minerals and even wildlife, New Jersey is by all means the place to be for families that have a soft spot for museums. Each museum here guarantees a unique experience, so you can be sure you will have a good time wherever you choose to go with your family. Chances are you will get spoilt for choice. To save you the agony of regretting why you didn’t visit Museum X instead of Y, start off your NJ museum experience by visiting any of the following museums.

Franklin Mineral Museum

The Franklin area stands out as one of New Jersey’s most treasured areas. Up to 90 different fluorescent minerals have been discovered in the area. Most of the discoveries are showcased at the Franklin Mineral Museum, which is open to members of the public from Monday to Saturday through the months of April to November. It is open throughout the week in March.

Looking at the minerals is fun. The real fun though is right outside the museum, at the Buckwheat Dump. Amateur stonecutters are allowed to dig for rare minerals here including the fluorescent ones showcased at the museum. The minerals are then checked through ultraviolet lamps to determine which minerals are valuable. You are also allowed to take some minerals home as souvenirs. Entry fee range from $5 to $24 depending on the adventure package you choose.

Grammy Museum

Where else can you get a chance to rap alongside Wycliffe Jean or take quick drum lessons with Max Weinberg? New Jersey Grammy Museum which is a satellite museum set up by the Grammy Award management offers you the aforementioned experience. The museum is all about music. You get a chance to see music related artifact such as Whitney Houston gowns, a 1975 note by Bruce Springsteen to his landlady promising to put rent check in her mail, and even Count Basie’s hat. It is a fun place to visit with your family. The icing on the cake is a concert and a hockey game played at The Rock.

The Heritage Glass Museum

It is a volunteer run museum that explores Glassboro’s journey from its humble beginnings to where it is today. Artifacts at the museum include the popular Heston Bottle which was made in 1784 at Stanger Brothers Glass Works original glass blowing workshop. Other exhibits include artistic creations such as paperweights designed and made by Mantua resident Mr. Paul Stankard. There are also exhibitions of functional use of glass from mason jars and modern glass canes to aesthetically appealing milk bottles and wine glasses. The museum is open throughout the week.

Imagine That

It is a one-of-a-kind museum set up with the aim of encouraging children to use their imaginations. It features up to 50 exhibits. The exhibits range from a medieval castle complete with dragons and nights to a Lionel train and other medieval artifacts to give children a glimpse of what life was in medieval ages. It is open throughout the week. Entry fee for children is $6.99 for children and $15.99 for adults.House hunting in New Jersey? With NJLux, you don’t have to go it alone. We can assist you in finding the best properties for you and your family!

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