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Diners are great places to have a meal or share a moment with loved ones. Cozy and intimate, they make for great moments and memories. New Jersey is packed with lots of beautiful diners serving amazing dishes all across the state. We have thus compiled a list of some of the best diners for you to go and try out. For this list, we looked at the quality of food, the ambience and just the general quality of service that you get when you pop into each one of them. Here are some of the best diners that you should definitely try out.

The Silver Coin In Hammonton

Established back in the forties, this spacious and well-laid out diner is one of the best in the county of Hammonton. You get excellent food and service, all in a beautiful setting. If you visit this great diner, make sure you try out their succulent burgers.

The Chit Chat Diner In Hackensack

Located in the county of Hackensack, the Chit Chat diner went big where most other diners go small. They have lots of space and cook a wide range of meals that you don’t often find in a typical diner. Their bar is well stocked and is open 24/7. But don’t let the size fool you. Service at the Chit Chat is still top notch and the food is simply brilliant.

Shamong Diner In Burlington County

Shamong’s strength as a diner lies in its ability to go beyond the norm. It is one of the few diners on our list where you will find Indian dishes such as Biryani and lamb curry as standard in the menu. But make no mistake; they still have amazing burgers and the other usual meals you would expect in a diner. And whether exotic or not, their dishes are incredibly good, as is the service you get.

Ponzio’s Diner in Camden County

Having been around for than 50 years, it is obvious that this diner has a solid following among the residents of Camden County. It is not hard to see why. Big and spacious, Ponzio’s offers excellent dishes and great service to boot. There chicken pot pie is a must-have as is their stuffed French toast. It is easy to make Ponzio’s a must stop place when you are in Camden.

Tuckahoe Family Diner In Cape May County

While the previous diners that we have covered have (largely) gone big, the Tuckahoe Family diner went in the opposite direction. They went small and intimate and all the while doing a brilliant job at it. The diner has charming feel about it, the sort of place where memories are made. Their pancakes are great and so is most of their food.

Maurice River Diner In Cumberland

This large diner does a great job with its Italian dishes as well as seafood. They offer prompt and excellent service and a visit there is a thoroughly good experience. Try out their Greek salad as well as their South Philly steak.

As you can see, there are some great diners, both big and small scattered all-over New Jersey. This list is nowhere near comprehensive enough but will give you an idea of some of the delights of New Jersey. If you are looking to buy or sell property in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. At NJLux, we are the premier realtors of luxury listings in New Jersey. With insights into the property market, we are the right agents to have at your side if you are looking to buy or sell luxury properties in New Jersey.  

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