Luxury Home Maintenance

If you’ve already conquered the challenge of buying a luxury home, it’s time to make the most out of your investment by ensuring your luxury house is in tip-top shape. High-end luxury properties are notoriously difficult and demanding to maintain compared to a conventional home. Hence, a maintenance checklist goes a long way in preventing major issues and preserving the value of your luxury home.

Luxury Home Maintenance

A luxury home can only continue to be worthwhile if you keep its initial features intact. Unfortunately, this means that you must organize and invest your time and home expenses wisely to ensure that your house remains luxurious and well-kept. This relies on various factors such as cleanliness, presentation, current home design trends, and function. Balancing all of these considerations while trying not to break the bank can be an uphill task. Thankfully, checklists are an effective method to tackle the wide range of home maintenance considerations you need to devote yourself to as a luxury homeowner.

Why Create a Checklist?

High-end home maintenance is a responsibility that could slip away from your mind with the number of other responsibilities you have on your plate, demanding your attention: work, family, health, and the list goes on! A checklist of home maintenance tasks to complete monthly, bi-monthly, and annually comes in handy as a constant, straightforward reminder for either you or your professional maintenance personnel to keep the home spick and span. By making your list more comprehensive, it can also be used as a resource to refer to regularly for how exactly to maintain the home’s presentation.

Luxury Home Maintenace Checklist

Monthly home maintenance tasks are typically smaller tasks that when accomplished regularly, go a long way toward your luxury home’s upkeep, meaning that they shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Clearing garbage disposal
  • Running water in seldomly used rooms (guest bathroom, laundry floor drain)
  • Checking sinks and drains for debris

Bi-annual home maintenance tasks include those that require your attention every few months, staying on top of essential components of your home.

  • Inspecting and changing heating and cooling appliances and their filters
  • Testing alarm systems
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Thorough cleaning of the entire estate

Yearly home maintenance tasks are usually accomplished at the beginning of a new season to keep a home in prime working condition.

  • Check the roof and home exterior for any damage
  • Check fireplace and chimney for any damage
  • Clean dryer vent
  • Deep clean stove hood

Keeping Your Commitment

If you, like many other luxury homeowners, have a busy schedule, you may find it impossible to keep up with home maintenance duties outside of your already packed routine. To combat this challenge, a popular choice that many make is to invest in a home maintenance contract. By receiving professional home maintenance services from an experienced team, especially with luxury housing, you can rest assured that your luxury home is kept in perfect condition for years to come!

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