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When it comes to photography, there are professionals and there are people who know next to nothing about it. Sometimes, we take pictures and on seeing the results and wish we could have done better. This doesn’t have to be the case in photo editing real estate properties.

They are hacks to taking better pictures that even amateurs can put to effective use. These editing hacks are the easy fix to the sun being in the wrong position and all other complaints you do have while taking pictures. The look of your property in print or online makes all the difference to the buyer in the real estate marketplace. Gone are the days of the white and black newspapers for advertising properties (maybe not exactly gone, but the majority are now online). And you should use to your advantage the fact that the world is quickly becoming a global digital village.

Removal of Unwanted Objects

You can call this a photo editing hack, as well as a necessity. Unwanted Objects in images are able to successfully ruin the final results of your photography. It is crucial to remove any object in the room or space you intend to capture. Such objects include a flip-flop under the couch or a chair in the hallway.

In some cases when you have taken the images without noticing the object, you are able to digitally remove such objects. By simply blending the spot where the object is located with the background, you are good to go.

Correction of Color/Brightness

This is a vital step in photo editing. It is an enhancement to light up the whole image as the name implies and it makes all the difference. This editing hack helps in retaining potential buyers’ interest in further surfing your real estate property on your website. Dull images are not appealing to the sense of sight, on the other hand, bright colors bring about excitement to the viewer.

Correction of the brightness of your image is an important editing hack.

Removal of Color Cast

This involves removing the effect of the fluorescent light and other accompanying factors from the image. A variety of factors make up a color cast, it could be the grey skies or the light at the scene of the image. The intention behind this process is to neutralize the effect of interfering lights on the actual results. A property’s original color can be achieved by simple removal of the color cast.

Replacement of the Sky Image

This also places a major role in lighting an image taken in an open-air space. Photos that would have been otherwise dark and blurring could be lightened by replacing the image of the sky with something bright and befitting.

This is vital in situations whereby your photographs must be taken at a time when the season is not the right fit. You have no control over the look of the sky, but you have all the control over how your image turns out. Overcast skies in images can be replaced with bright summer skies, with the right photo placement.

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