Are you planning to sell your house? To get the best offer on your house, you need to get buyers into a bidding war. This can only happen if you employ certain strategies to grab the buyers’ attention. In this post, we will provide you with tips on how to make your house the hottest property that every buyer wants.

Set a Slightly Lower Price to Kick-Start the Bidding War

Talk to a reputable realtor and discuss the current property value of your house as well as compare the offers in the market. To get a bidding war going, you need to set a low price for your house; preferably one that is lower than its true value. How can you get the best offer if you set your prices low, you ask? This is a strategy to get buyers’ attention and get the offers coming in. This is a risk that you have to take to make your house sell like a hot cake. It is best to set a price preferably 5 percent lower than the house value. This will send buyers your way to start the bidding war.

Determine Deadlines for Offers

Setting a deadline on your house offers makes interested buyers know that they cannot procrastinate on their decisions to place an offer. However, you need to think about when to place a deadline. Preferably, you can wait until you have a few offers coming in before asking your agents to give a deadline. They can mention that they already have a few offers on the table and that an interested buyer has to submit his offer before a certain date. This strategy has helped to push properties off the market quite well, with some getting offers that are way above the asking price.

Showcase Your House Photos Creatively

Over the years, most property sellers still use the same old boring way to showcase their house photos. Simply taking a photo of the front part of your house just won’t cut it. You can try taking photos from a corner angle so that the front and sides of the house are in view. Make sure to capture the best features in your house to get the buyers’ attention. If you have a fabulous kitchen, make sure to set it up in a way it that will make a buyer fantasize on preparing meals for her family. Don’t upload too many photos since buyers don’t have the time to scroll through tons of pictures. Stick to the most attractive photos and you are well covered.

Capture the Interest of Buyers Ahead of Time

You can use your social media platform and listing services to create awareness that you will be soon selling your house. Set an open house date and let the buyers know that they can only get more details during the house opening. This puts buyers in a frenzy and makes them curious to want to know what the house is all about. As you know, people want something they can’t have at the very moment.

Go Big on the Open House

Never shy away from throwing a lavish open house. Go an extra mile and hire caterers or party features like the open bar with DJs. You can have face painting for the young ones. Let this be a party that will stick into your buyers’ minds. Those who have tried this strategy have reported of getting multiple offers after the open house.

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