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From Point Pleasant Beach to Beach Haven and Stone Harbor to Sea Girt, a NJ beach outing with your family can be the most wonderful experience and can create many happy memories for everyone. However, it does take a little planning to ensure you remember everything you will need, especially if you have smaller children or babies in tow. Here’s a few pointers to help you on your way.

A Pop-Up Tent Or Shelter Is A Must!

If you have younger children, or even babies, then a pop-up shelter of some kind is essential. Even if they do not need a nap, it is handy to have some shade from the sun. A pop-up tent is lightweight and can easily be transported. You will thank us for this!

Picnic Time

Taking a picnic to the beach can be a godsend. You can absolutely guarantee that no matter how well you plan your day, at least on the children will want something to eat the minute your foot touches the sand. It is helpful to pack the picnic in smaller containers if possible. This not only helps the packing space inside your cooler bag, but if it falls into the sand only the sandwiches contained in that container will be ruined and you will still have others fresh and ready to eat. Once at the beach, put the cooler bag behind a deckchair or inside the pop-up tent to keep the food fresher for longer.

Don’t Forget To Take Frozen Foods

By freezing drinks and placing them in the bottom of the cooler bag, you can help keep the food fresh and you will also have a cooler drink once it starts to thaw. A bonus is that the cooler bag will be lighter to carry home at the end of the day as you haven’t taken extra ice packs to keep the food cool.

Make Carrying Easier

Invest in a cart with wheels to help transport all your beach gear from the car to the beach. That will help steer you through the sand. If you choose something with compartments that are made from mesh, then you can keep all wet items separate and the eater will drain away before you reach your car.

Take A Handful Of Shopping Bags

Lightweight plastic shopping bags are ideal for sandy, dirty, beach items, as well as swimming costumes, shoes, balls, buckets and spades, rubbish, etc. 

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter what time of day you go during the daytime, you need to have a high factor sunscreen, otherwise you risk sunburn. Sunscreen should be reapplied periodically if you are staying on the beach for some time. Spray sunscreen is the best as you can apply it directly without getting sand stuck in it.

Baby Powder Is A Must To Remove Sand Easily With No Fuss

If you have never heard of this tip then you will be astounded at how easily the sand drops from those little feet once it has been applied.

Beach Duvet Anyone?

By using an old duvet cover as a beach towel, you can be sure that everyone will fit. This will save having to take a number of large and bulky towels.

Ziploc Bag Essentials

Whilst a Ziploc bag may not be considered essential, it can keep all your keys, phones and other essential items all together and safe and dry.

A move to New Jersey, offers beaches, countryside, entertainment and culture, it’s no wonder that NJ is one of the most popular areas of the U.S. for home hunting.

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