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What are the most common mistakes to avoid when selling a house? It’s no secret that real estate can be lucrative, but it’s also true that home sales are not always perfect. There are plenty of things that you might do wrong when you try to sell your home, which could cause the whole process to take much longer or even backfire completely if you don’t know how to avoid them. Read on for some helpful tips if you want to learn more about the home selling mistakes you should avoid when selling your house.

Getting Emotional

If you have a particularly sentimental attachment to your home or if it holds special memories for you, try to remind yourself that ultimately it’s just a house. If you get too attached to your home, it can negatively impact how much money you’re able to get for it. When emotions get involved, you might convince yourself that even though your house isn’t in great shape, someone out there will still love it and see its potential—which isn’t necessarily true. Home selling mistakes can be avoided by keeping an objective perspective on what you have available and not getting emotional about it or overestimating its value.

Skimping on Listing Photos

If you’re thinking about selling your home in today’s ultra-competitive market, don’t forget to take advantage of professional listing photos. It may seem like a small detail, but professionally taken pictures can make or break your home sale; potential buyers know that they are one of their only opportunities to get a feel for what it would be like to live in your house, and they probably use them more than you realize. Think about it: if you came across an online dating profile with blurry, low-quality pictures or inconsistent angles, would you swipe right? You wouldn’t buy a car without getting it inspected by an expert mechanic; do yourself (and your house) a favor and invest in high-quality photos when advertising online.

Hiding Major Problems

Sellers are sometimes tempted to hide problems with their home, either because they don’t want to lose a sale or because they’re afraid of being sued if someone falls through an unsafe floorboard. Don’t do it. Being upfront about problems will save you headaches down the road and prevent your buyers from finding out on their own and getting angry about it. Plus, providing a home inspection contingency in your contract protects you if something goes wrong after closing. If you think there could be issues with your house that potential buyers wouldn’t notice or know to ask about, that’s even more reason for full disclosure in writing during negotiations and paperwork before closing—so everyone is on board with any problems and how they’re going to be handled.

Not Preparing for the Sale 

Many home sellers neglect to prepare their house for showings, which is an important part of selling your home. You want your potential buyers to see your house in its best light and understand that it’s ready to move into. While you probably won’t be able to do everything on our list when prepping for sale, we hope you find it helpful, and remember that preparation is key!

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