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A growing number of homeowners are demanding new construction properties which are beautiful and comfortable, yet full of eco-friendliness. The good news is that a number of technological advances have been made in recent years that will give your domicile a fabulous look while making it sustainable. Below are some popular examples.

LED Illumination

Just as electricity and incandescent bulbs phased out candles more than a century ago, LED is considered by many to be the next stage of lighting evolution. The reason for this is because bulbs which use LEDs are not only more cost effective and efficient in terms of energy, but they last much longer. Buildings which use them have a lower carbon footprint, and companies are experimenting with luminous textiles that can produce an ambient glow without having to use specific fixtures.


Developers want to do more than just make buildings sustainable; they also want to make them intelligent, and AMX is the hallmark of this. It consists of touch screens in the walls which monitor various aspects of the building, such as irrigation, sound, light and heat, and which can be programmed in a manner so no energy is wasted whenever the property is not being used.

Using Materials Sourced Locally

This is actually a throwback to the past, before international shipping became the norm. The trouble with transporting construction materials long distances is that they drive up costs, use large amounts of energy, and contribute to environmental pollution. This has prompted many property developers, contractors and investors around the world to begin choosing stone, clay or wood which is derived locally, which lowers their carbon footprint while reducing costs and allowing architects to come up with novel design solutions.

Geothermal Cooling or Heating

Geothermal technology harnesses the power of nature in order to provide desirable indoor temperatures during each of the four seasons. Aside from lowering energy costs and the overall impact on the environment, geothermal solutions provide an exciting new challenge to engineers and designers, encouraging them to come up with solutions that are specific to a given landscape.

Choosing LEED Contractors

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is currently one of the most sought after certifications in the construction industry. It is an eco-friendly program offered through the American Green Building Council which accepts the efficiency standards of certain projects. To date, over one hundred and fifty thousand buildings throughout the world have received a LEED certification, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years.

Solar Technology

The sun will remain an important energy source for eons to come, but until recently technology hasn’t been able to take full advantage of it. Although solar panels have been around for decades, they’ve been far too expensive for most property owners. However, in recent years prices have continued to fall, as engineers have figured out ways to develop new panels which are lighter in weight and more energy efficient. These panels can provide passive energy and even store power for use in the future without using processes that are wasteful. An emphasis is also being placed on panels which are visually pleasing.

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