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New Jersey, contrary to being stereotyped as the country’s armpit, is a vibrant state. There is so much to do, with it being a mix of urban, rural and suburban. Being the Diner State, you can eat a diner meal at 3 am, hike the Appalachian Trail, have some crazy fun at an amusement park with a construction theme, visit a ghost town in the woods, and so much more. These are a few of the things to do in NJ and roll like a true-blue New Jerseyan!

Have Fun In A Construction Themed Park

Visit the unconventional Diggerland Park, a construction-themed park. The park has two versions, one is child-friendly, which children absolutely adore, with tractor theme rides. The other version is Diggerland XL, which involves the actual operation of heavy machinery, but with guidance from an instructor via radio. Diggerland has so much more to offer! You can reserve birthdays, and enjoy different offers and events like the Family Campout

Dig Into a Fat Sandwich

The best of NJ includes late-night food, an amazing sandwich stuffed with French fries, available at Rutgers Campus. The “Fat Sandwich” as it’s called, is full of all the comfort foods you can think of such as the Fat Darrell, comprising of mozzarella sticks, French fries smothered in marinara sauce and chicken fingers. The sandwiches were available in food trucks around the campus grounds, but are now available at RU Hungry, in New Brunswick campus

Enjoy Tubing on The Delaware River

Delaware River lies along the New Jersey and Pennsylvania border and is the best river tubing site around. The Delaware River is calm, but has some water rapids that make it perfect for some tubing thrills. You can rent tubing gear in several places, but the best is a place called the Delaware River Tubing Company, located in Milford. The rental price is inclusive of a meal of a cheeseburger or two hot dogs, a frozen candy bar and a soda, all from the riverboat snack bar or the Famous River Hot Dog Man.

Visit The Weehawken Dueling Grounds

If you are a history buff, or love the musical called Hamilton, then you just have to visit the Weehawken and visit the dueling grounds. See where Alexander Hamilton was shot and killed by Aaron Burr. The grounds are right across Hudson River and still has the rock that Hamilton fell on after being shot.

Sojourn At a Famous Doo-wop Motel

Wildwood, NJ beach town is famous for its free beaches, unlike others that you have to pay for, boardwalk amusements and architecture going back to the 1950s. In the mid-century, Wildwood was full of 300 or more doo-wop-design motels. The motels have a blend of tropical and space-age, with a sharp angle, neon signs, garish colors and plastic palm trees. Some motels, such as the Caribbean Motel, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Eat-in a 24-hour Diner at 3 am

The best of NJ includes a greasy meal in a thick menu at 3 am, in a 24- hour diner! Chit Chat, Tick Tock and Coach House are top among the few options you can dine in. New Jersey certainly isn’t boring! After a night out and you are cravings for greasy food, you now know where to go!

Spend a Pleasant Day at Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is a pleasant, 7-mile park beach in Jersey Shore’s northern end. Sandy Hook is famous for its majestic lighthouse and military base history. It is a great way to spend a day, and if you are coming to NY, catch the ferry to Sandy Hook from Wall Street in less than one hour. Come with your bike and ride around Sandy Hook.

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