Scandinavian Look In Your Property

The Scandinavian style of interior design is fast gaining popularity because of its simplicity and clean look that transforms any house into a modern and stylish place to live in. Having started in the 1950s, the style focuses on understated elegance and a sense of minimalism which further adds to its appeal. Are you interested in pulling off this fantastic style in your home? Here are some tips on how you can achieve this.

Hardwood Flooring

Scandinavian styling features traditional hardwood flooring rather than the wall-to-wall carpeting that is popular in America and other parts of Europe. The flooring can be in its natural color or can be painted white. By doing this, the floor contributes to making the room even more lit and seemingly bigger than it is. Bathroom flooring can feature heated tiles that help keep feet warm during the cold seasons.

Focus On Lighting

Having originated in countries where sunlight is limited to a few months each year, it is hardly surprising that the style would try to make the most out of the little daylight that the area receives. It is also important that the style would focus a lot on other sources of light as central to the décor. The implications of this for anyone who wants to pull off this style is that they must pay close attention to the style of lighting.

Normally, houses sporting this décor will have lighting in the form of pendants hanging from the ceiling and wall-scones that give a strong light that at the same time is not harsh on the eyes. Candlelight features prominently in this style too and are often featured both on dining tables and window sills.

Flowers Are A Must

Flowers and other forms of botanical decorations are important in the Scandinavian styling theme.  Color from flowers and plants add to the sense of life in the rooms and also help liven up the otherwise functional and minimalistic space.

Use Neutral Colors

The Scandinavian style of interior décor focuses a lot on the use of neutral colors. These include whites, blacks, greys, and browns. The idea is to create a calming look and while at the same time allowing other elements of the room to stand out. For example, walls may be colored white or grey which means that the furniture and the art in the room will stand out.

Clean Lines In Furniture

To pull off this style, it is important to have furniture that has clean lines to them. The thrust is usually sofas and chairs that feature the mid-century modern styling but still leaves enough room for innovation and functionality. Wall shelving is also a prominent feature of this styling, perhaps because of the need to get creative around creating storage space in spaces that are very limited.

Keep Clutter At The Minimum

Space comes at a premium for this design so there is very little room for clutter. Storage of day-to-day essentials is achieved through the use of wall cabinets while anything else that is used less frequently is removed from the room. This way, the clean look of this style stands out more prominently.

Achieving a Scandinavian look in your house is easy. Follow these few tips and you are guaranteed to have a clean and minimalistic space that will be a delight to live in. if you are looking for a property in New Jersey to pull off this look, talk to an award-winning New Jersey realtor for incredibly beautiful properties at great prices.

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