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If you are looking to sell your house, then you are in the right place! Most of us aware that before putting our home up for sale, we need to undergo a process, but what exactly does that process entail may be more elusive. After all, there numerous things that can affect whether your sale is successful or not, and accounting for all of them can be overwhelming. Do not worry though, as we are here to help you prepare your estate for sale. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare your house for sale in Tenafly.

De-Personalize the Space

It may be sad to remove your personal belongings and touches to your home, but it is a bullet you will have to bite. A more de-personalized space will allow buyers to get a better idea of how they can fit into the home. Additionally, the last thing you want is for the buyers to feel like they are trespassing when they enter your home or get distracted by your personal belongings whilst they are touring the space.


This may sound intuitive but when you are putting your house up for sale, you want to put your best foot forward. One of the best ways to put your house in a good light is to declutter. It may sound tedious but a clean, uncluttered space will help prospective buyers get a better idea of the layout of the house and how it can suit their personal needs and style. Besides, you will need to pack everything up and move out when the house is sold, so there’s no harm in starting early! Go through your wardrobe and start clearing it out. Start donating, selling, or throwing away things that you do not want to bring along with you when you move out. For the things you wish to keep, pack them in the garage. Of course, you will not be able to pack everything away since you would probably still be living in the house before the sale goes through. For the essentials, make sure they are kept neatly, preferably within the cupboards or somewhere unobtrusive.

Deep Clean

The natural follow up to decluttering is deep cleaning everything. First impressions are everything, so you do not want to scare away prospective buyers with dust bunnies and a funny smell emanating from your carpets. A clean and fresh home will ensure that there is one less barrier between you and a successful sale. Furthermore, it will look great in photos!

Update Your Lights

Lighting is your best friend when it comes to ensuring that your house looks good for sale. This tip is particularly helpful for those considering taking their own photos, or whose homes do not have large windows that can let in natural light. Updating your light fixtures is also a cost-friendly way to freshen up your home. You can ask your realtor for some tips on what fixtures will look good with your home!

Find a Realtor

You may be tempted to only hire a realtor after you have cleaned your home and gotten everything in order. But that would be a missed opportunity as a good realtor can give you tips on how to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. Of course, you should not choose your realtor based on the type of interior design tips they can provide you, but it doesn’t hurt to ask him or her for some insight. Furthermore, there is a chance that they would know some professional photographers that can help you take some amazing photos for your listing.

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