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Each property is distinct, with features that allow it to stand out from buildings in the surrounding area. To make your rental property more sellable, it is important to highlight these features in a manner that draws tenants. Below are some tips for accomplishing this.

Create Virtual Home Tours

Developments in technology have made it much easier to create virtual open house tours than was the case in the past. Now you can use the video camera in your smartphone to create a tour of the building, uploading to websites such as YouTube or social media hubs such as Twitter or Facebook. Instagram has also become popular because of its ability to highlight photos. These websites give you greater exposure and the ability of potential renters to make inquiries.

Unleash The Power Of Data

Few people will argue with facts, especially when presented professionally. This is why a growing number of landlords are utilizing data in order to highlight their properties most desirable features, such as accessibility for people who are handicapped, low crime statistics compared to other areas, and their close proximity to nearby stores and restaurants and other amenities. Landlords who do extensive research on their properties versus those of rival landlords in the area can craft factual sales copy that is both persuasive and concise.

Use High Resolution Photos Of Key Areas

There are certain areas of a building that professional marketers always prioritize, because they know these are the areas which attract tenants the most. Some of these include the patio, recently installed appliances, and any area which has been renovated. You also want to make sure potential tenants see the building from every possible angle. This allows the images to be placed in a collage, resulting in an impressive presentation that will make your listing stand out from the others.

And don’t even think about using low quality photos to present your rental; only high resolution images should be used.  The good news is that cameras have evolved to the point where you don’t need to shell out huge sums of money to get equipment capable of producing crisp images. An iPhone 7, for instance, can allow you to capture expert level images through the usage of its dual lens, which allows for angles which are wider. It also has a telephoto lens.

Use Authentic Reviews

It is absolutely essential to get positive reviews from third party sites. Such testimonials will give you serious credibility and instantly make your property stand out from the crowd. In fact, you want as many positive reviews as you can get. However, they work best when they are authentic. One way of getting reviews is to give your tenants an incentive to post them, such as a free complimentary breakfast or other perks. The more positive reviews you have, the more attention you will draw to your property and the more money you’ll make.

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