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Property maintenance should be part of your routine as a landlord. Performing such duties regularly will prevent a small problem from turning into a large expense. What are the important roles that you need to play when it comes to taking care of a property? Here are things that you should remember.

Check Grout And Caulking

Grout between tiles and crack surrounding the tub have to be examined. Grout can crack and caulk can loosen over time. This will affect the supposed waterproof seal for your bath. When this happens, water can leak through then damage bathrooms walls and floors. Replace grout and caulking at the first signs of cracks or holes surrounding them.

Check For Other Sources Of Water Damage And Leaks

You can do this after a heavy rain storm or when snow or ice have begun to melt. You can also do the same when it is very hot, and the pipes are sweating. Soft spots on walls, ceilings, and roofs should be checked. Signs of water leaks should be checked in the toilets, showers, windows, water heaters, boilers, and under sinks.

Perform Monthly Extermination Of Rodents And Insects

This may sound too much, knowing that signs of rodent and insects may not show up every month. It is better to prevent the problem though. That is why a monthly extermination is important when you own a rental property. Pest extermination must be done for the whole property. Extend it to other parts of the property which can also be prone to critters.

This is a costly task but it is better to prevent pests from bugging your home and driving away your tenants later. It will cost more losing tenants who have been renting your property. The news can easily spread to other potential tenants. You might not be able to attract anyone to come and invest in your property if you have not performed this essential role.

Drain Water Heaters At Least Once A Year

This is important in removing sediments that have built up in your heaters. Too much sediment can reduce water heater efficiency. The drain valves can get clogged as well. It is better to do this task than end up replacing a water heater later. This will definitely be more expensive than flushing your water heaters at least once or twice a year.

Test Devices Regularly

This applies to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices can either be hard-wired or battery-operated. You can do the testing either when you collect the rent or at any other time that’s most convenient for both parties (you and the occupant). It is important to check these devices so that you can prevent leaks and fire in your property.

Other Important Tasks

There are other important things you must do if you are a landlord of a property. This includes changing filters for your HVAC system. This can be done at least once every 6 months. Cleaning the gutters is another. When left unchecked, water can easily leak into your home.

Always remember that the physical condition of your home is one of the indicators of your house’s value. A good realtor can help you find a buyer or an occupant depending on the prevailing conditions of your home. Talk to us today and we will do all the talking to attract potential investors to invest in your property.

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