Living room paint options

When the weather gets colder, the amount of time spent indoors automatically increases. Curling up next to the fire with a mug of chocolate or relaxing on the couch with a book is very enticing when it is raining or snowing. You can create a warm and cozy ambiance from the color you paint on your walls.  From rich, warm hues and earthy tones, you have a choice of colors that will bring warmth to your living room. Here are some color options that you can choose from:

Creamy White

Choosing the perfect shade of white is tricky. A creamy white will give your living room a lovely touch. The creamy-white gives you a perfect backdrop for any décor you have, at the same time creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Creamy white is timeless and classic and provides the perfect chance for you to experiment with different accent walls for contrast, as the creamy white is a neutral color. You can keep changing the accent wall every time you want to redecorate and change the entire ambiance of the living room every time.

Mustard Yellow

Spice up your living room walls by painting them a pleasant mustard yellow. You may be reluctant to paint their walls a vibrant yellow, so a darker shade of yellow such as mustard yellow might be perfect for adding a warm glow to your room.


Gray tones can seem drab and unwelcoming. If you choose the right shade, gray can lighten your living room. A light shade of gray gives your space a feminine touch while a dark shade is dramatic with a touch of bold and gives off a neutral vibe.


A dark green hue represents serenity with its soothing traditional style. A moody green paint goes well with rich browns and neutral tones and brings out a room with stylish elegance. You can go bold and accent it with bright colors such as yellow, burnt orange or lemon yellow.


Red is the universal color of love and evokes emotions, while making a bold, vivacious statement. Choose a rich red for your walls, and if you don’t want your living room to be all red, have an accent wall to break the monotony.

Soft Blue

If you want a relaxing, airy feel to a room, try painting your walls in a soft shade of blue. A light shade of blue has a cooling effect, yet can still give a room a seamless calming feel. For a bold look, make the accent color a warm color such as yellow or red. However, this depends on the look you want to achieve.


For a warm, vibrant vibe, spruce up your living room with various orange shades. Blood orange, pumpkin and tangerine are just some of the many orange hues available if your living room if you really want to brighten up your living room.

If you paint your walls an intense tangerine, you can incorporate a soft accent to tone the orange down if you don’t want a bold look. Choose a white accent against bold tangerine, or if you feel white is too blinding, choose a creamy white instead, it will go marvelously well with the tangerine.

If you are looking for a home to rent, find out from a real estate agent what the rental terms are and if you are allowed to paint your rental home. If you are looking to buy a home, your agent will help you find a home that you can transform into your dream home.

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