Unrenovated Home

If you find your huge and unrenovated home in an area flooded with property listings aside from your own, it means you are in a buyer’s market, putting you, the buyer, at a disadvantage. This allows buyers to have more options to choose from, and be more selective and strict with the house they are looking for and it does not help if your house is old and not designed as “modern”. Here’s why:

Traditional Home To Modern Home

It is very important to turn your unrenovated home to be a move-in-ready living condition. With huge, old houses, however, can be tricky as modern living has become the next housing trend such as open concept kitchens and formal dining spaces. Having a lot of space is a problem too, as more space means more furniture, which means more preparation to do. It is going to be tough to remodel the space to make it look attractive to buyers. It will be costly and time-consuming, and that does not give you a 100% guarantee it will be all worth it – finding a confirmed buyer eventually.

People also want the latest technology in their furniture and interior infrastructure. For example, smart digital locks for their doors instead of the normal lock and key, security cameras, luxurious sofas, and sleek looking cabinets. A home that has all these as pre-requisites will make it hard for your home to look attractive to your buyers.


Older large homes have proven to be more expensive than cozy-sized new homes. It is a lot to maintain, and operate. To name a few costs, e.g., electricity and water bill, having a housekeeper to clean the house, and if the buyer wants further renovation, it is going to be costly for the buyer. Hence, you will find it hard to convince prospect buyers to buy your house from them.

Maintaining a “Show Ready” Home

One of the hardest parts of selling a house is always getting your home ready for showings. You have to consistently clean your house thoroughly, pack your rooms neatly, making sure the house looks nice and “show ready”. It may seem easy at the first showing, but consequently gets very tiring for you. You need to organize your cupboards, rearrange your furniture every time there is a showing. It does not help when your house is big, meaning more furniture and space to clean and organize.

Selling your house does create a lot of fatigue and trouble, both physically and emotionally, hence the more important it is to hire a good real estate agent that can lift some burden off your shoulders. If you’re selling or looking for a house in New Jersey, feel free to contact NJLux for the expertise of one of the top 1% licensed real estate agents in New Jersey today, or check out our recent listings.

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