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Best Summer Destinations in New Jersey

Best Summer Destinations in New Jersey

Best Summer Destinations In New Jersey

New Jersey has a coastline that runs for nearly 130 miles. Its amazing sandy beaches offer vacationers perfect getaways. Whether you are looking for a quiet and secluded destination or one that has family-oriented activities, New Jersey has various options to suit your needs. Come summer, you do not have to wonder where to go, though you will definitely be spoilt for choice!

Stone Harbor/Avalon

Stone Harbor/Avalon Beach stretch is seven miles long and sits astride two towns. The beach provides a discreet hideaway and an opportunity to fly kites, rent kayaks at Harbor Outfitters, and swim in the bay. The beach is famous for some of the tallest sand dunes in New Jersey.

You can cycle around the island or pay a visit to the Wetlands Institute for an eco-cruise and enjoy the local wildlife. Springer’s Homemade Ice Cream, founded in the 1920s, is the perfect place for amazing ice cream flavors. Wind down the day’s activities with a delicious cocktail at The Whitebrier.


Belmar is famous in New Jersey for being the life of the party. The beach has tried to change its reputation from NJ’s party beach, to no avail. Belmar’s marina is host to a large convoy of party boats, while the southernmost end is home to several bars such as The Headliner, The Grill, and the Beach Haus Brewery, a microbrewery with a taproom, and you can locate it on Main Street.

Long Branch

Long Branch is one of those New Jersey destinations that centers on decadence. The beach is perfect for those who prefer to engage in shopping sprees. The Pier Village shopping plaza is home to the posh sportswear dealers – Nirvana; a virtual reality game arcade, and the fashionable Molly and Zoey boutique. Long Branch boardwalk is swanky as well, and you can spoil yourself with a well-deserved treat at the 2nd Floor Restaurant and sign off at Coney with a scrumptious dessert.

Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove was founded by Methodist ministers back in 1869 and is one the most unique beaches in all New Jersey Destinations. Most towns on the seaside focus on their fancy boardwalks, but Ocean Grove is unique in its description. Its pride is in providing a breather from crowds, mercantilism and the noise found in other beaches.

Tent City is a major attraction and is a small community camping ground that hosts families looking for relaxation and church attendance. If you are not interested in church services, the Great Auditorium shows, rumored to rival Carnegie Hall, might interest you.

Stroll down to the SeaGrass Restaurant and enjoy the seafood in a maritime-themed ambiance. They serve pizza, lobster rolls, and burgers in the cafeteria type eatery. If you are a history buff, head down to the museum that tells the town’s story, at the Historical Society of Ocean Grove.

Seaside Heights

The boardwalk was rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy, and more effort has been put into making sure the beach evolved into a more family oriented beach. Introduction of more concerts and movie nights was among the activities targeting families. Smoking was prohibited and Casino Pier’s rollercoaster underwent an upgrade, replaced by Hydrus, a magnificent blue and neon green coaster.

The coaster has a dizzying 72-foot drop! The Bamboo Bar is a favorite with many, with its glowing neon palm trees. The boardwalk gets really busy and you can get away by going further south to Island Beach Park, a 10-mile stretch of virgin beach.

New Jersey is clearly the place to be. If you are looking to purchase a property here, do not hesitate to contact a local real estate agent for guidance.

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