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Thinking of living in New Jersey is a great choice. The next step is to decide on where in New Jersey you want to reside in. You may find yourself being spoilt for choice and struggling to find the place best suited for you and your family or friends’ needs, so here’s a list of the top five best places to live in New Jersey to make things easier for you.

Princeton Junction

Princeton Junction is a place for families. With a cozy population of 2,550 residents, it has a dense suburban vibe with plenty of parks and affluent schools. Many families live in Princeton Junction, hence the price is high in terms of taxes, but very safe and wholesome. It is a peaceful community with flea markets and a variety of stores to shop. It is ranked number one place to buy a house in New Jersey, and the fifth best place to raise a family in New Jersey.

Upper Montclair

Similar to Princeton Junction, Upper Montclair has a dense suburban feel and is also a family town to live in New Jersey. One distinct trait about this suburb is that the residents form a diverse community with people of different ethnicities and cultures from all over the world. They also have an eco-friendly culture there, where people recycle, reuse items and grow their own gardens. The streets are filled with cute little shops selling baby clothes, tea shops, and vegan cafes! Upper Montclair sure does encourage a healthy lifestyle. It is also just a half-hour drive from the city, but even so, Upper Montclair has almost everything you need – hardware stores, supermarket, parks, and even the annual Montclair Film Festival.


As the 2nd best suburb to live in New Jersey, Ridgewood is a tight-knit place to live in and it has been reviewed that it is a great town for young adults to raise their children here. There are many local businesses set up there and people get to enjoy a variety of top-rated restaurants and shops, creating a pleasant home for everyone to have fun. It is also called the safe haven for kids to hang out and make friends with one another.

Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes is an affluent borough in Morris City, New Jersey with a population of 4,274 residents. Residents living there have a happening lifestyle due to the presence of 9 lakes, swimming beaches, and it has created a culture where people are very active with outdoor activities. You can go swimming in the lakes, fishing, boating, skating and hiking in their beautiful hills with many community clubs to join. It is also known to be a town with top schools and highly praised education. If you’re more hands on and sporty, this place is great for you.

These five towns are just some of the many places in New Jersey you will love, and it is definitely worth moving here. If you need any help with searching for a suitable home in one of these places in New Jersey, contact NJLux for an appointment today, or visit here to find out more about our services!

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