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Purchasing or selling a piece of property is a major milestone. It is not a decision you come to easily and you have to do due diligence beforehand. Real estate agents are a major part of this decision as they guide you through the entire process. Working with the wrong agent can be catastrophic. There are several qualities you should look out for when choosing a NJ real estate agent, or changing one in case you already had one.

Good Communication Skills

It is critical for a good real estate agent to have good communication skills. You will be entrusting the agent with making a major decision, thus the need for transparency. There are many questions involved in the process. It is paramount that the agent gets back to you as soon as possible with answers. If the agent takes more than 24 hours to get back to you, then you know it is definitely not a match!

Truly Dedicated

The success or failure of property transactions depends on the real estate agent’s job enthusiasm. A good real estate agent knows how to anticipate his or her client’s needs. If an agent struggles to comprehend most of the details, it is not going to work out. A suitable real estate agent knows how and when to listen for better comprehension.

A real estate agent who does not seem too interested in his or her work is one to steer clear of. To get the best deal out of a transaction, you need a dedicated agent who will make sure you get the very best service every time!

Professionalism is Key

Any estate agent worth his or her salt knows the importance of professionalism and knows that it should never be in question. Appearance, in this case, is of the utmost importance. First impressions matter a great deal and a poorly groomed real estate agent sends an unpleasant vibe to clients. Most importantly, coming for scheduled appointments on time and prepared is a true mark of professionalism.

The manner of speech is also very telling. Listening keenly how a real estate agent speaks will tell you a lot. Does the agent rush to speak without listening? Does the agent cut you off mid-sentence and answer before fully understanding questions? These details will tell you an agent’s level of professionalism within the very first few minutes!

The Agent Should Not be Greedy

Some real estate agents are very quick to promise heaven and cannot deliver. One of the most dangerous traits of a greedy agent is one who tries too hard to convince you how much of a bargain working with them is. They promise to save you huge amounts of money and rush to close deals without thinking them through. The best real estate agent is a skillful negotiator, often willing to take more time to get the best terms for you. This way, you both get to earn a pretty penny!

If you already hired a real estate agent who displays this negative sign, it is best to change as soon as possible. If not, you need to interview several agents while keeping these points in mind. The wrong agent can make or break your property buying or selling experience. With the right agent, you stand to either save or make a substantial amount of money.

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