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Packing items when moving to your new house can indeed be stressful and risky. This doesn’t mean, however, that transitioning apartments should always be followed with the loss of valuable items. Here are 5 packing tips to help when you are ready to move.

Prepare Ahead

Changing houses can be very turning and burdensome, you need to be prepared for the transition in every way possible. Moving entails many steps and packing is just one of the many things you need to do before moving. There are a lot more factors to be considered when the time is ripe, therefore, have a moving checklist to help make sure you have everything in order before, during and after the move. The success of your move is largely dependent on your level of preparation.

Choose Your Packing Materials

Have your materials readied for packing. Choose long, strong, and high-quality packing boxes. You might require different sizes, bubble wrap and tape. If you would be reusing old boxes, ensure that they are strong enough to bear the weight of designated items and cover every previous labeling (except the boxes will be used for the same content as before) to avoid mixing up items.

Set Up Your Boxes Properly

Your moving boxes should be properly assembled so that your items remain intact during the move. Secure the corners and edges firmly with tape to eliminate excess space and prevent items from falling off. Also, get enough boxes for all your items, so you don’t fit too many items into the box and suffer a loss. While packing, it is advisable to pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes, it makes moving easier. In addition, ensure the items in the box are well fitted and avoid spaces to prevent Items from hitting each other during transport.

Label Your Boxes

Ensure each box is labeled with the corresponding room (if possible) in your new apartment, you could list out the contents of the box also. This is important because labeling determines how each box would be handled. Wrong labeling or forgetting to label could lead to mishandling and a consequent loss of items, you do not want to lose glassware because the box was handled like it contained wooden pieces of furniture. It also helps you avoid accidents when unpacking in your new home, you would exercise extra care in emptying a box full of knives and related items because it was properly labeled.

Ask About Special Crating if Moving Expensive Art

When packing artwork, ask your movers for a special crating, if such service is offered. Alternatively, do not wrap oil paintings in regular paper, use a clear plastic wrap and cover with bubble wraps. Also, protect the glass of pictures with tape before covering with paper or bubble wrap and framing it in the box.

Switching apartments requires lots of commitment and hard work, you go from downsizing to packing and eventually moving. The packing phase is however critical as poor packing means that you stand to lose many items during the move, which can be avoided.

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