What's Trending For Bathroom Decor In 2017?

Bathroom decor trends in 2017 incorporate a number of unique features which are suitable to homeowners of all tastes. Ambiance is very important in this area of the home, and if you’re looking to get rid of the outdated design that you currently have, here are some hot ideas you should consider.

Retro Tiles In Black And White

This design idea is a blast from the past. Retro tiles in black and white are a classic in bathrooms, and if you’re currently using a more neutral style, you will find that it adds zest of color which is not overdone. The sharp contrast between black and white and the infinite geometric patterns that can be derived from them make this one of the top bathroom design ideas this year.

French Doors On Showers

This particular design idea is the epiphany of both elegance and sophistication. Shower curtains are totally passé in 2017 and they are being replaced with this. The French doors will serve the same function as the shower curtains while being vastly sleeker; if you’re looking to impress visitors who use your bathroom French doors on the shower is one of the best ways to do it.

Vanity Mirrors With A Round Shape

Mirrors have always been a necessity in bathrooms, but vanity mirrors take things to whole new level. They are a low lift option for making your bathroom trendier and the circular shape will make a powerful statement, particularly when it’s combined with a sink that is rectangular.

Shower Surrounded By Plants

Placing plants around your shower provides a number of benefits, both designs wise and practical. If the shower receives lots of sunlight from a window or ceiling this will be beneficial to the plants, and the shower water can also be used to nourish them. Plants are also known to produce relaxation which is exactly what you want when bathing. It is also a nice touch for those who are environmentalists and like anything green and earthy.

Totally White Bathroom Color

White is the color of choice for bathroom design in 2017. It is a natural color for bathrooms due to its associations with purity, cleanliness and transcendence. Homeowner’s whose bathrooms already incorporate neutral space can use many of the top design ideas this year without having to spend lots of money on remodeling.

Borderless Showers

This bathroom design trend will be popular among those who enjoy using outdoor showers. For some it is quite refreshing to clean themselves in a room that is free of a ceiling. This design idea promotes the concept of freeing and allows a much larger space to be used for washing and shampooing. However, each surface must be covered by tile and you will need to wipe away the puddles when you’re done. The bathroom is without a doubt one of the most private rooms of the home. When designing it, you must keep this in mind while making it stylish, elegant and comfortable.

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