There are woods in New Jersey, both in remote and in busier regions that are hundreds of years old. These forests are protected, yet still face many challenges. Climate change and invasive species have a habit of deteriorating the condition of these historical trees. Researchers attempt to catalog the remaining forests in order to preserve these havens.

How Do Residents Feel About Old-Growth Forests?

These aging trees hold a special spot in the hearts of residents. People in New Jersey are proud that their home is also the home for these beautiful natural forms. Individuals do what they can to protect these woods because there are so few left.

Do These Havens Draw New Residents?

The old-growth forests have the capability to impact possible residential decisions, if individuals are aware of their existence. Are these natural wonders mentioned at showings?

It would provide a unique quality to a house showing. Possible buyers might be impressed if a realtor mentions the old-growths while they tour. It demonstrates knowledge of the surrounding area and provides a deeper level of commitment on the realtor’s part. Such depth can strengthen the bond between prospective buyers and their realtor. The more information that is provided, the more individuals feel that they can trust the knowledge of the agent.

How Does the Existence of These Old-Growth Forests Impact Everyday Life?

Other than by true nature lovers, these woods might not impact individuals on a daily basis. But the presence of the woods may play into decisions related to recycling programs and driving. Knowing that old-growth forests are nearby might convince residents to shrink their carbon footprints. Being more environmentally friendly will have a wider impact across neighborhoods and could improve standards of living throughout the Garden State. Some of these lifestyle alterations might be done unconsciously.

Old-Growth Forests Bring the Community Together

These natural havens are in jeopardy and it is up to the public to keep them strong. What can community members do to protect these woods? They can work alongside researchers in an effort to catalog the status of each old-growth forest within the region. Volunteers are always welcome. Efforts to prevent further damage will help keep the community together as well as preserve the natural world. Such efforts include techniques of ridding the old-growth forests of invasive species. It’s a win-win!

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