Home Staging Tips For Property Sellers In The Spring Season

If you’ve watched any amount of HGTV, you know how important staging can be in the selling of your home. The inventory of homes for sale is bound to be on the rise. April, May, and June are the biggest buying months of the year. Here are a number of suggestions for spring home staging tips that can help raise the odds of your home not only standing out among a flood of new listings, but selling quicker so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather this spring and summer.

Set Out Attractive Treats

House shopping can be hard work. It’s easy to build up an appetite because buyers don’t have the time or remember to eat. Why not set out a snack consisting of individually wrapped treats and tie them with a pretty ribbon. Whereas time may not have been spent in the kitchen otherwise, now buyers have a chance to linger and gaze at your kitchen in all its elegance.

Refreshment and Information for Your Buyers

Fill your sink with ice and bottled waters so that potential buyers can feel refreshed and revitalized while viewing your home. Put out plenty of informative flyers with your address, a photograph of your home, and your phone number so that people can take them home with them. You can print these from your computer.

Mail Out Additional Information

A local title company can provide you with a direct mailing list, at no charge, for homes in your neighborhood. Using first-class postage, you can mail out individual, UV coated, oversized postcards in full color with a picture of your home and information.

Advertise In Living Color

For online and newspaper advertisements, even though it may cost a little more, use a full-color picture. Take a bit of extra time while picking your photograph by looking through seasonal choices and pick the photo(s) that is most flattering to your home.

Balloons Promote Feeling Good

Party supply stores and stationery stores have inexpensive, shiny, brightly colored helium balloons. Buy some from your local everything’s-a-dollar store. This lends a happy, party like atmosphere to your showing. Tie them onto the open house signage, outdoor fences, porch columns, etc.

You Can’t Depend on the Weather

Because mother nature will undoubtedly try to throw a wrench into your plans, at the entrance of your home, make sure that there is an umbrella stand and a mat available so that potential buyers can wipe off their shoes – or take them off entirely.

More Colors Will Do You Good

Again, you can shop at one of the inexpensive stores in the area to buy lavender, pale blue, pink, and/or yellow pillows, throws, towels, etc. and place them strategically about the house. These soft spring colors will brighten up the atmosphere. Place out rolled washcloths in imaginative designs and layer towels on the racks.

Clean Carpets and Polish Floors

Even though your carpet is going to see a lot of traffic during showings, make sure that it is clean, fresh, and new looking. The same can be said for hard floors be they linoleum, ceramic, or hardwood. They should shine and twinkle. Don’t forget to bleach any grouting that has dulled over the years.

 Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Cut some fresh peonies or lilac branches – or pick up a bouquet or two of fresh flowers – to add a fresh feel and natural aroma to your home. There isn’t a manufactured spray on the market that can take the place of the scent of fresh flowers or flowering branches.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Whenever possible, open the windows to allow a fresh breeze to blow through your home. Get rid of all spider webs and accumulated dust, scrub out that bathtub, wipe down the blinds. And, something that very few people think of, make sure the draperies and curtains are clean and fresh smelling.

Remember to dress up the curb appeal of your home. Don’t just concentrate on the inside. In fact, try cutting the grass on a diagonal just to give your lawn a unique look. Trim along the edges of walkways and sidewalks, trim bushes and shrubs, wipe down the mirrors, and wash all of the windows inside and out. You can also ask your realtor for any further suggestions or helpful hints.

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