Green Homes Explained

One of the hottest trends in construction today is green homes. These properties incorporate a number of features which make them more efficient and more cost effective. Demands for such homes have arisen out of the growing awareness of pollution, energy shortages, and other problems which threaten the environment. More people realize that traditional home design results in a tremendous amount of waste in terms of water, energy and other materials which cost huge sums of money over the long term.

How Exactly Are Green Residences Different?

These homes are designed in such a way where efficiency is maximized, not just in terms of energy, but in water. Air quality is also much better than homes that use older construction methods. As a consequence homeowners will save thousands of dollars each year on utility bills which translate to tens of thousands over a decade. Green houses are safe, efficient and healthier for families. They incorporate the newest materials and technologies to give you comfort as well as convenience.

What To Expect From A Green Property

The builder of the home should be able to explain to you how it is designed to be eco-friendly, as well as the features which were incorporated to make it efficient in terms of energy and water. Every home will require you to pay ongoing monthly costs for utilities and it is known that some properties have higher costs than others. Just as you want the best mortgage rate when looking to buy a home, you should also place the same importance on efficiency and how the building was constructed.

Each aspect of the home, from heating to appliances, cooling and filtration must be properly evaluated to ensure the home is comfortable, clean and aesthetic pleasing. Air quality has become a major issue in recent years as more people recognize allergens and the problems they cause. A green property will allow you to breathe much cleaner air while leaving more money in your pocket while supporting the environment.

The Role of Solar Energy In Green Properties

Solar energy is one of the most promising technologies of the 21st century. However, it is still in its infancy and is relatively expensive (although costs continue to fall). Before implementing a solar energy system into your home there are a number of things you must consider. The first is the location, followed by where you intend to install the panels, the type of house you own, the amount of energy you will save, and whether you intend to own the panels or lease them.

You obviously want to be in an area that receives lots of sunlight. However, if you put the solar panels on the front of the home the value of the property will decline as in this location the property will not be aesthetically pleasing. Solar panels should be added to maximize your energy savings but don’t expect them to enhance the market value. While they could, this isn’t their primary function.

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