One-Story Or A Two-Story House

If you’ve ever searched for a home, you may recall the moment when it hit you… “Do we want a one or a two-story house?” It’s not even something that you may have realized mattered, until you were presented with the dilemma. Here, we’ll take a look at single level vs. double level houses to see which is most likely to fit your lifestyle.

Which Is A Better Investment?

Some people insist that a two-story house is a better investment than a one-story house. On the other hand, some believe that the more popular of the two is the one-story home. Truth be told, both of these (as with so many things) are in the eye of the beholder, as well as real estate agent involved. Keep in mind, too, that location has everything to do with it, as does architectural style. There are benefits and drawbacks to each kind of house.


In many suburban areas, for whatever reason, two-story homes sometimes don’t sell as fast as do one-story homes. Those one-story homes seem to be a prized possession. In the city neighborhoods that are older, however, it is just the reverse. Two-story homes are more coveted. One not-so-desirable thing you may want to watch out for is purchasing a one-story home that has nothing but two-story homes around it.

There Will Be Stairs

 A two-story house is going to mean at least one staircase. Households with elderly members or small children may not be the right fit for a home with multi levels. Even individuals that suffer from joint pain (i.e. hip or knee) may want to avoid having to climb up and down stairs on a regular basis.

Remember, Sound Travels

Floorboards squeak, footsteps seem amplified, all sorts of sounds can be heard on the first floor that originate from the second floor. In older homes, the squeaks and groans of the second floor are going to be even more plentiful.

Likewise, loud radios, TVs, or the sounds of children playing on the first floor will travel through to the upstairs. This could make for sleeping or napping difficulties for anyone in a second-floor bedroom.

How Much Yard Do You Need?

For whatever reason, one-story homes typically have smaller yards than do two-story homes. If you have children or pets and are looking for a home with a larger yard, you may want to keep this in mind. It isn’t set in stone, by any means, but happens more times than not.

One Man’s Treasure…

Some individuals insist, and there is no talking them out of it, that the more visually appealing of the two is a single level home. Once again, this is a matter of taste. There are any number of stunning homes that involve more than one story – from simple and quaint all the way up to elaborate and grandiose.

Clearly, the question “Which is better, a one-story or two-story house?” is more a question of personal taste and circumstances than anything else. 

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling a one or two-story house, N.J. Lux Real Estate offers services that can be beneficial to you, your family, or someone you know. Contact us to find out more.

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