Best Green Spaces in North Jersey For Drone Lovers

Thanks to the benefits that consumer drones provide, these fantastic products are growing at a rapid pace. From giving one’s photography business an edge to owning one for recreational purposes, this hot new technology is becoming much more useful than consumer computers were during their time period.

If you are planning to fly one in North Jersey, you need to take note of the drone no-fly zones here. Don’t worry. It is pretty easy to get carried away with the beauty of the northern part of the state. It offers endless landscape of natural treasures, lush lakes, and more. Without further ado, check out some of the top green spaces in North Jersey that are ideal for flying your drones.

Lake Hopatcong

Why: For starters, Lake Hopatcong has more than four square miles of acreage. This easily makes it the largest freshwater body in the entire state of New Jersey. Let’s not forget its all-natural beauty as plenty of breathtaking aerial videos have been successfully filmed here. You won’t have a single bit of trouble doing so.

Terrace Pond

Why: Terrace Pond is without a doubt a gorgeous pond area. It is enveloped by forests for as far as the naked eye can see. What’s more, you will be able to catch plenty of brave cliff jumpers in the act. Hey, it is a good opportunity to capture some breathtaking shots!

High Point State Park

Why: High Point State Park provides one of North Jersey’s more breathtaking sights by drone. With the 220-foot High Point State Park monument here, and greenery and lakes abound, everything is just perfect. At dusk, the lighting at the park is simply brilliant. That’s why it is so easy to take advantage of the majestic scene here.

Overpeck County Park

Why: Surprisingly, Overpeck County Park still feels like a peaceful oasis even though it is situated in a congested area. While you are flying your drone, you can even capture the sights of some leisurely boating action. That’s not all. There are ball fields that line the path along the waterfront and that’s why you will see lots of bikers and joggers moving along the edge of the creek.

Palisades Interstate Park

Why: This is a riverfront park with more than 2500 acres of natural beauty, cliffs, and hiking trails. You can find Palisades Interstate Park just about a half mile from the northeast border of NY and NJ. The main road will come to an end at a parking lot, which belongs to the park.

So, why not bring your drone along with you on your next property hunt? After checking out several real estate options, you can further explore North Jersey by checking out one of the above green spaces. Before you arrive, it is highly recommended that you engage an experienced realtor as he will be able to make your property hunting session a smooth one. Don’t know who to call? Feel free to contact NJLux today.

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