Best Bergen County Neighborhoods For Retiree Property Buyers

With a bill proposing the exemption of NJ seniors from giving capital gains taxes on property sale, retiring without leaving the state looks even easier. This should help relieve the financial pressure on people living in affluent communities of New Jersey, especially in Bergen County, where expensive real estate can be hard to hold onto, after retirement. However, with the new measures in place, it’s an ideal time to consider these Bergen County Neighborhoods for retiree property buyers.


Ramsey is another serene town within an easily accessible distance from the New York City. This vibrant community is home to a host of events and farmer markets, where people can meet up, and enjoy the atmosphere, while munching on a variety of local food sold by vendors. With more than 100 acres of green space and a variety of trails on offer, this community has a strong appeal to people of all ages, especially the active retirees.

Moreover, there are over 55 communities in the town that provide incredible recreation facilities in a safe atmosphere.   Many of these are in close proximity to basic town amenities, including retail outlet stores, restaurants and supermarkets.


Ridgewood has plenty to offer for both retirees and families, in terms of living standard, amenities and quality of neighborhood. This prosperous town combines the laid-back ambiance of a tranquil community with a close proximity to the New York City. If you are a retiree, you can find yourself relaxing in the lap of nature one day, while paying a visit to the big city on the next. Plus, there are many attractions and activities to carry out in Ridgewood, including abundance of festivals, concerts and eateries.

Glen Rock

Known to be the safest towns not only in Bergen County, but all of New Jersey, Glen rock is a primary choice for many reasons apart from this. This inviting place with a warm ambiance has plenty of amenities for retirees, with a reasonable cost of living as well.  History buffs, square dancers, rock gardeners, veterans and anyone interested in interacting with new people can enjoy with a group of like-minded citizens.  This ultra-friendly suburb is also in close proximity to numerous outdoor sports facilities and shopping avenues.

Franklin Lakes

For those seeking a peaceful retirement in a countryside setting, while also looking to stay in a chic home, this elegant lakefront community is an ideal choice. Franklin Lakes has all the makings of an environment, where you can actively participate in the community. The Franklin Lake Nature Preserve is a perfect place to enjoy some family time, while relaxing by the water and soaking up the ambiance.  One can also head to the High Mountain golf Club to shave a few strokes of golf, while also meeting new people.  In addition to everything, the community is also known for hosting a variety of festival and events on a regular basis.

If you are nearing a retirement age and worried about shifting in a safe neighborhood for the rest of your life, contact us today for some of the best property deals in the market.

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