Fort Lee is a borough in south-eastern Bergen County and was incorporated in 1904 from portions of the now-gone Ridgefield Township. The town was named after General Charles Lee after George Washington and his troops had camped at Mount Constitution (now a park in Fort Lee) in defense of New York City during the Revolutionary War. Today, Fort Lee is one of the most populous towns in Bergen County (behind Hackensack and Teaneck).

Its proximity to Manhattan (the George Washington Bridge actually runs through the town) has led to Fort Lee being called the Sixth Borough of New York City. Fort Lee has also been called the “Hollywood of the Hudson” for its rich history of Film Making. In fact, Fort Lee was once the motion picture capital of America.

Fort Lee’s proximity to New York City offers it great appeal to commuters. In fact, the town is serviced by multiple NJ Transit lines running through both the George Washington Bridge (to the 178th street station) and the Lincoln Tunnel (to Port Authority). Fort Lee housing market offers a mix of single-family homes, duplex’s, luxury condominiums and coops. The town features a prominent downtown which boasts its status as a melting pot of various cultures.

Fort Lee is served by NJ Transit Buses 154, 156, 158 and 159 to Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. NJ Transit Buses 171, 175, 178, 181, 182, 186 and 188 run to George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal. NJ Transit lines 751, 753, 755 and756 offer local services. Fort Lee is served by Route 4, 5, 67, 95, 9W, 1, 9, 46 and 505. Most of these routes converge into the George Washington Bridge which crosses the Hudson from Fort Lee to Upper Manhattan (and is currently the world’s busiest motor vehicle bridge).

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